The Firefox Page Speed Add-on

Once you add the Page Speed Add-on you will think you have slipped down the rabbit hole with Alice. You will wonder if you are on a Speed trip yourself (not that I can tell you what that is like)This add-on, is an add-on to an add-on. It works Continue Reading

Firebug for Firefox

I use this almost every day of my life.   It was back in July of 2008 that Brad Carrol left one of those "golden egg" comments.   It changed my life.   Debugging a blog has never been the same since.     Here is Brad's Comment: Hi Dave,I put Continue Reading

Custom Post Template Plugin

I installed and tried a couple different custom post template plugins.   This one actually works quite well.   I don't know if it is the name Custom Post Template that does it or not.   I do know that since WP 2.8 there are quite a few plugins that Continue Reading

Dump the Sidebar Go Wide

Another IDX Solution I wrote a couple of months ago about IDX Iframes Don't have to break your theme In that post we learned how you can use a lightbox effect to open an IDX solution with your blog in the background.   For those of us using lightbox Continue Reading