Custom Permalink and Site Migration

I've migrated 10 WordPress sites to new servers or hosting companies in the past 8 days.  It has been a marathon of Cpanel, MYSQL, phpAdmin and a host of exporting and importing options involving direct database Export and Import when possible and WP Continue Reading

Site Migration Watch for These

Migrating a site from one host to another can be a daunting task.There are a lot of things that can, and often do go wrong. Why? Because a site migration requires doing a lot of things in a specific order. Get one of these steps out of order Continue Reading

Changing Your Permalink Structure

Changing your blog's permalink structure can be good for the SEO but it can make you feel like you just flew into a brick wall.   The headache makes you just want to hang it up and forget the whole thing.   But with Patients, it is worth the Continue Reading