Add a Call Out Box to your Posts

This is a Call Out Box I Don't know what they are actually called. I'm calling them a call out box. You shape the size by where you place the returns. If you want the width fixed add a width add: width: 250px; to the CSS or however wide you Continue Reading

WordPress Streamlining Cut the Code

Bread and Salad Can Kill a Google Bot Or you could say: Where's The MEATI look at page source code all the time.   I want to know how many lines of code a search engine bot has to navigate before it gets to the meat.How often do you check Continue Reading

Getting our Theme Tweaking Workshop Ready

One thing I've learned over the years it is get the proper tools to do the job right. Setting up a good workshop for Tweaking Themes is a great idea and worth the investment in time to setup. If your blog is a business blog you especially want to Continue Reading