Bloodhound Scenius in a Widget

(UPDATE) While helping get a Bloodhound Senius Widget up and running using the Fun With Widgets Plugin we discovered there is a conflict between that plugin and the Thesis theme. I recently ran across another plugin (My Custom Widget) which I Continue Reading

Google PageRank Update It was nice while it lasted

Real Estate Blog Lab loses PR5 to PR4 Many Well Known Blogs Loose PR in this UpdateIt was April 28, 2008 when I last reported a PR update.   That was when we gained our first PR5 ranking.   It felt wonderful having that first PR5 and is hard Continue Reading

My Blog Log – Goes Yahoo Gray

I might be some kind of WordPress geek but I'm part of the older generation and I don't particularly like change, unless it is for the good, like DSLR Digital Cameras.MyBlogLog was purchased recently by Yahoo. I thought okay no big deal, till I Continue Reading

Real Estate Weblogging 101 Revisited

Here is how the first post began: Greg Swann at Bloodhound blog on June 21, 2007 launched the new blog Real Estate Weblogging 101.What Greg didn't realize was he also set in motion an experiment I have been wanting to run here in the Continue Reading

RealEstateWeblogging101 2 months old Plus

Greg Swann provided the experiment for the lab by creating this blog in a single bound and making almost all of the content on Pages not Posts at Real Estate Weblogging 101.I first wrote about this in Real Estate Weblogging 101The experiment Continue Reading

How to Get a High PR for Single Post and Stay in the Active Index

I can tell you how to do this, but there is a warning that must go along with the answer. Are you sure you want to do this?I discovered this quite by accident. When checking this site in Google webmaster tools I notice each month highest PR Continue Reading