Theme Graphics Bake Them Remake Them

Graphics are the little touches that make your theme special Graphics is another place you can really change the look and feel of a blog theme. In case you didn't know you can replace or tweak those graphics used to trim out a theme. Closely Continue Reading

Do Follow and Lucia’s Link Love

A while back I wrote A Fable Do Follow and Comments when I installed the Do Follow Plug-in.   I've noticed more and more comments which have nothing to do with the post.   They found the blog lab on a do follow blog list and all they want is a Continue Reading

July is Clean Up Unused Plugins Month

I'm declaring this to be "Clean-up Un-used Plug-ins Month"I know I didn't need the hyphens. I'm trying to be a little creative as a Dial-up Geek.I'm always installing new plug-ins here at the lab to test and see if they will add functionality Continue Reading

Dates are important even if you aren’t single

Dates are important on your blog and in your posts I'm an old (yep old) database programmer. One thing about all of us that predate (pun intended) the "millennium bug", we want dates. We want those dates in a complete form. Meaning, two digits for Continue Reading