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Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

Web design is moving rapidly to be responsive, no need for a mobile theme or site. Using a theme that detects the screen size of the viewer and adjusts content accordingly is the current design standard among many web developers in 2013.

Tabs & Accordions are a way to get more use of the screen real estate and not make your site seem so crowded. But many of these tab plugins are not responsive which can break a responsive designed theme if used. However, Squelch Tabs & Accordions is responsive (as long as you don’t put a script in a tab that is not) which is not the fault of the plugin.

Squelch Tabs is very flexible in design with multiple types of tabs and accordions using shortcodes in posts or pages. The skin or theme of the tabs are set from a selection of styles in a dropdown. You could create your own style but after checking out each of the available styles that come with the plugin I believe you can find one of those that will work with just about any theme’s color scheme.

The one thing you might need to change because of your hosting or php version is the Javascript version in settings. It defaults to 1.9.1 and I had to set it back to 1.8.2 for the plugin to work on site.

You will find the settings under Appearance – Tabs Accordions The skin I’m using here is called smoothness.

If you want to see the plugin in use on a live site check out Dallas Homes Center.


Pane 1

Stuff here

Pane 2

Accordion pane 2 content

Pane 3

Accordion pane 3 content


Tab 1 content
Tab 2 content
Tab 3 content



  1. Thanks, Dave! It works great, can’t wait to get all the sites up and running!