Supreme Ruler Feasting & PR

Need I write or even say the Ruler associated with PR. No not the Price is Right. Some would think it Pretty Risky, or Purposely Ridiculous. It was waited for two month longer than some thought it due.

Supreme Ruler FeastingBut once it arrived many hoped it would have delayed even longer. The point being, even before you could see it the influence was already there. The visual confirmation of it all was considered a blessing by some new citizens of the realm and harsh awakening to some older residents who have not been effected by the Dance in some time.

PR used to be very important in the ability to get and exchange coin of the realm. But Holy Cow Batman, exchanging coins in some ways is what now brings disfavor and will get you a strike against your dance card and a demotion in rank.

Like all things in this realm related we have to keep up to date and can’t rely on what worked yesterday to work for us today.

I’m still seeing some grandfathered into organic rankings which should not be in the place they are simply because they got there first and are still there now. There comes a time when all should stand on the dance floor with equal opportunity.

Maybe one of these days. Till then we surf for crumbs from the table of the order of the Dance and the Kings and Queens crowned in a by gone era.

But, as in SEO so too the quest for PR. While content may have been crowned as King the Emperor to which the king gives obeisance is quickly becoming the freshest and richest of content not simply content in and of itself.

There is a difference between a cheese burger and a Kobe Steak and preparing one as you would the other can lead to disgruntled diners in either case.

The supreme ruler has dined on the offerings and bestowed honor where honor is due based on his personal taste (at this time). Some are rewarded for pleasing the ruler’s tastes, some are wringing their hands over what was rejected this time when gladly received and rewarded in the past.

Rejoice while you can, and let the hand wringing cease for now it is time to focus on preparing the supreme rulers next dish.

But wait, let the cloud of delusion be whisked away for it is not for the supreme ruler we cook, but for the masses, lest we forget. For it is they that dine every day and the supreme ruler but 3 or 4 times a year.


  1. Wow Dave. Very old-english. Do you read a lot of Shakespeare?

    Here is one for you (phony accent omitted): I am not complaining, but how did my blog go from not ranked to a PR4? I thought PR4 was reserved for the B-list bloggers that had been at it for 2 years or more. I have been blogging since July and have only 65 posts on my blog

    Again, I am not complaining, but it seems like they (Google), flattened the bell-shaped curve.

  2. Scott,

    He who makes the rules can change the rules. Congratulations on PR4.

    There are a lot of variables that go into PR and the mix gets changed all the time.

  3. I would LOVE to go on and on about this…(and I DO love the old English–well written Dave!)…but the green tool bar is simply irrelevant. It is an indicator of overall direction, but has no correlation to search engine results.

    It does not show us the King’s (current) taste in food! It is simply a data dump his past preferences.

    The other thing that should tell us this is the fact that when it occurs, rankings do not change..why?

    Because the King dines EVERY day and makes his preferences known nearly that often (as the spiders continue to crawl.). It occurs near real time.

    Scott–congrats on the PR4 that does in fact mean that you are doing something right! It means that you are picking up authority in Google’s sight (esp. as opposed to your previous.)

    The real metric IMO to go after is your desired search phrase of the day. That is truly how you know what the King thinks of your efforts! (grin)

    BTW-People DID get indigestion and heartburn as this PR dump was initially made incompletely. And more than a few people panicked and screamed “We have lost favour with the King!” Much of that has been restored.

    Methinks some do too much day to day worrying about an old indicator of the King preferences…(grin)

  4. Money quote, there…That is spot on. If me go after solid audience building content and keep our systems search engine friendly…good rankings will follow.

    After all…
    His faourite dish is Relevance and he is lactose intolerant! (define lactose as you wish and cook accordingly!-hehe)



    Quote from Dave:

    \”But wait, let the cloud of delusion be whisked away for it is not for the supreme ruler we cook, but for the masses, lest we forget.\”

  5. Eric,

    Good points all. The whole intent of the post is summed up in Forget Google, Focus on your Audience.

  6. Great points all.

    As lowly man-servant of the king, I am beginning to understand his whims.

    Even with my PR jump, I did not instantly jump up my pageviews or put me on the top of page 1 on every search word.

    Feels kinda like working for points over on Active Rain. If no leads are coming in, who cares if you have 100k points or a PR4!

  7. Scott,

    Exactly. I’ll take the 7 leads from last week, 2 for over a million any time.

  8. Like most things in life, it involves focus on the right metric. Too often folks put the ladder they climb against the wrong wall.

    Dave–@leads…Nice. Hope they work out and generate yourself and Mrs. Dave some nice revenue!


  9. Eric,

    They usually don’t, but we celebrate the small victories. At least they found our site!

  10. I liked the way this was written! We do it for the masses but need the king to put us in front of them so that we can be seen.

  11. I should clarify my metaphors here.

    The masses = who we should be writing for

    The Kings and Queens = The grandfathered in early arrivals to the top of the organics nothing seems to knock them off.

    The Supreme Ruler = Google they make the rules and change the rules when they want.

    It was fun to write. I didn’t start out that way but ended that way so I went back to the beginning and re-wrote it with the same period voice with tongue in cheek.

  12. I agree. I was trying to make my site look good for google, but it was not user friendly, so I had to make a few changes so it would be appealing to a human

  13. Has anyone heard that a couple phone companies are trying to change the way people buy the internet. I have heard that if you can afford it your website will run the same. If you can’t you will be using a generic form of it. These phone companies are upset that Google is making billions.

    Ed Whitacre, the CEO of (then-SBC) now AT&T issued his famous manifesto attacking Google and other Web sites for “using my pipes (for) free.”

    I want to know what you think?

    My phone service used to be Verison since hearing about this I have switched companies!

  14. Paul,

    I haven’t heard a thing. Anyone else heard anything on what Paul is saying?


    Here is a link for one of the articles I found on this subject. I also found a blog named that has another write up on this subject. I am very interested to hear what you think.

    Happy holidays!