Super Admin – From One Click to . .

MU Admin Rant (single WP install users can skip this post)

For a few short days I knew what it was like to be a Super Admin.  I setup my first few MU installs under WP 3.0.5.  I loved the interface and easy way I could manage the admin side of editing themes, adding plugins, administering all the sites etc.

Honestly, it was great.  Then along came WP 3.1.  I was expecting a much smoother interface and improvements for the Super Admin.  I was extremely disappointed.  All the ease of using the super admin functions were removed.  Instead of a single click to do almost anything I wanted from the Super Admin section I now have to go to a completely different admin bar with it’s own set of functions.

I can’t make a tweak to the css on a theme unless I navigate away from the normal admin functions, same goes for adding or deactivating plugins.

Now the work flow to make changes include the opening of a third tab on the browser instead of the two I’ve always used.  To get to some functions it now takes three or four clicks instead of one.  Going from one click to many IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!

I Don’t Like Being “Big Brothered”

These changes to WP remind of Microsoft trying to micromanage me.  I don’t need a big brother or a big bother to “help”.   I really wish the Super Admin was an Option to use the old system or the sludge of a new one.

Big Brothered on Child Theme’s

Yeah, they big brothered us again.  This time only a child theme’s files will appear in the theme editor.  If I want to make a change to a file in the parent theme to see how it will look, I have to navigate to the parent theme, make the change then back to the child theme.

It used to be simple.  They were all there to edit.  If I made a change to a parent theme file and liked the change I would add that file to the child theme.  Not any more.  Now I’m “protected” from forgetting to move that changed file to the child theme lest I forget and those changes be wiped out in a future upgrade.

Never mind that I can still edit the parent theme file and view the changes, and can still forget to move it to the child theme directory, now it’s harder to work.  But Big Bother has “helped me”.  (yes I left the r out on purpose).

I’m new to MU (now called MS) Some of you that have been using MU for some time, do you like the change?


  1. I love the phrase “Big Brothered”… while I hate it as well, I love that you have made it into a verb. It sums up my distaste perfectly.