StatPress The 500 Pound Gorilla In My Database

You really can have too much of a good thing. Too much water and you drown. Too much chocolate and . . . (there is such a thing as too much chocolate?)

Even a lover of statistics can be overwhelmed.

  • Google analytics
  • Woopra
  • Hittail
  • StatPress

I’ve got all of these going.   I don’t use Analytics because I’ve yet to figure it out.

Hittail is still my choice because I use only one tab “Search Hits”.   It tells me what I’m looking for straight and simple.   But it is now premium and not free so I’ve been looking at others like Woopra.

I’ve got Woopra up and running but the WordPress Plugin has run a muck and isn’t reliable for the past couple of weeks. I love the Woopra interface inside WP, it is logical and easy to read.   But it isn’t working.   I’ve uninstalled it on a couple of the blogs.

Statpress is a sledgehammer and honestly to me looks a lot like Analytics in this way; it has so much data I’m not sure what I’m looking at.   Then this morning I backed up my databases getting ready for the WP 2.7.1 upgrade and found a whopping file over 36 meg where a month ago it was just over 5 meg.   It didn’t take long to see Statpress was the gorilla bulking up my database.

StatPress Options and Table Size

StatPress Options and Table Size

I had the options set to default of Never Delete Visits and Never Delete Spider visits.   You can see I’ve changed those after today.   In less than a year I could have a database over 1 gig in size for the blog.

You can see at the bottom of the StatPress Overview page the size of the Statpress table in your blog’s database.

I’ve copied and pasted it into the image above from the options page.

I’ve decided to keep one months stats on hand.   You can download the information anytime you want using the export option for Statpress.   Personally, I like to run the databases as lean as I can and having my stats stored inside my blog database makes me uncomfortable.

I’ll keep this under observation for a couple of months, but right now I think between Hittail and Woopra (Desktop) I can feed my Stats Sweet tooth.


  1. Interesting. My statpress is growing similarly.

    I had the same solution…a data diet for my gorilla as well! Funny that I am really not a pack rat for anything else much except analytics data. I do like stat press the best of the 4, but spidering data from way back when is off little / no use to me…

    Eric Blackwell ´s last blog post..WordPress launches

  2. I agree. I have all the above, but I am a statpress junkie! Dave, I could never get into figuring analytics out

    And don’t get me started on the differences in stats between Statpress and Analytics. Trying to understand that is about enough to drive me nuts!

    Scott Ficek ´s last blog post..Saint Paul West Side Police and Residents Honored

  3. I have G analytics and statpress on my blog and hittail and G analytics on my website – I know that people have their reasons for not wanting to use G analytics but I find it is very useful – and do like to use it in combination with either statpress or hittail. Thanks for the information about statpress as I will keep an eye on the size of the database now.

    Carolyn G-Tu ´s last blog post..Did Google know it was my birthday?

  4. Don’t blame you for being leary of having the stats in the database. Been using Analytics and its ok. There is a little bit of a learning curve but once you delve in I think you’ll find its not that hard to learn.

    Charles Richey ´s last blog post..First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit