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I wrote this post sometime last year but never published it. Today while cleaning up some databases on my Bluehost account I ran across this one again. Figured it was time to publish. Hope you all had a great week.

I’ve created a new Twenty Ten child theme called Star Date.   This is probably the 5th or 6th Twenty Ten Child theme I’m done, but the first I’m mentioning anywhere.

The sample site where the theme is active is Captain’s Blog Star Date.

Let the Background Through

There are some site themes that can really enhance the visual effect of the site by putting all the content of the blog over a background image.   I’ve seen several that come close to this approach but usually use a semi-transparent png file as a background for the post and other content areas on the site.   (I’ll be doing that in a future child theme)

Captain’s Blog Star Date

Bought on a whim and kept as an idea in waiting it has been sitting in space with nothing but a vacuum.   Meaning I owned the domain but never set up a site for it.   Honestly, I don’t need another blog.   I’m writing on so many now it is hard to keep up.   But this was a perfect domain on which   to develop this child theme.

I’m not releasing the theme into the WordPress theme repository.   I have no idea how to do it, or if it is even possible to release a child theme into the repository.   But if you see it and would like a copy, leave a comment requesting the Star Date Child Theme and I’ll be glad to provide it.

Remember, you have to have Twenty Ten as the parent theme.   If you are running WP 3.0 or higher it is installed automatically.

This is one reason I like creating Twenty Ten child themes.   Most everyone up to date with their WP upgrades has a copy in their theme directory already.

Even if you don’t want a copy of the theme, feedback would be greatly appreciated.   All you REATLORS(squiggly thingy goes here) know about feedback.


  1. I like it Dave! Can you send it to me?