Splogs A Rite of Passage

Splog Splat
Update : ) Another splog picked up this post on splog splat. Heck I’ll Give him a link just for the fun of it. Remember this is my hobby blog. Splog Picks Up Splog Splat Post

When I first started blogging about 18 months ago I heard the term “splog” from time to time in a rather derogatory manner. I had no idea what splogging and scrapping were all about. Then I heard the term “Content Thieves” now that made sense.

Lately I’ve had a couple of pingback sites coming to the Lab so at least I was getting a link back even if every now and then the author was “unknown” or “Joel Burslem” and sometimes me. Since they only post an excerpt and provide a link back to the Lab I just ignore them. So these might not even qualify as splogs since this is still a term I’m not completely sure when it applies.

Splog Splat

There was a new one today, there are always new ones once they get started aren’t there. Since I have moderation turned on for the first time anyone posts and for any comment with more than 2 links. I trap them in my comment filter. I check the links to the site in the pingback and today I was greeted with this screen which simply made me smile.

One Down


  1. Dave-
    I noticed a 1000% increase in my splog pingbacks about 60 days ago. It was amazing how many new ones popped up. Also, I notice that they must have filters on them because if I post about investment property about 4 will pick up the article. If I post about foreclosures, 2 of the original 4 will pick it up and 3 other ones.

    I am with you on not caring as they simply take the excerpt. They rarely put my name, but I did notice that the hyperlink is actually the “author” field from the WP set up. Since I don’t put the author on my posts, I changed it to my keyword (Investment Property) to get me some additional juice!

  2. Great post. I’ve wondered about splogs myself. It’s amazing how often spammer manage to come up with a new way to repackage spam. I found that in understanding splogs, this article was very useful:


    It really helped me to understand the subject.

  3. Ben,

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

  4. James T Boyer says

    I am getting them 3 and 4 a week on my other blog. The blog is a do follow blog but I moderate all comments, and when one of these splogs comes along, I strip the link back out and let the comment go through.

  5. I was putting no follows on the link back (stripping out any other obvious spam). Then I thought about it, what if the Splog checks if their trackbacks to see if it is effective? So I started marking these trackbacks as spam in WP (when I moderate).

  6. Scott,

    Splogs are auto pilot. They don’t care. They want the content so people will find them and click on the ads. That’s where they make their money.

  7. So ultimately are they bad for me or is it just a a nuisance?

  8. They are steeling your content and making money from it.

    You can turn them in to google, what they are doing is a violation of TOS.

    If they are stipping your content without a link back definately they are doing you harm.

    I consider them a nuisance and putting a no follow on the trackback is probably the best thing to do if you don’t want to delete them all together.

  9. That splog’s been getting me too – them and pagerankpimp.

    Click the “google” next to their adsense and at the bottom of the next page “tell google what you think”

    here, you can complain. If enough get them, it hits the owners pocketbook

  10. The same person splogged me at the link you posted at the top. realestate.2go5.net. Is there anything to be done? They could have at least gotten my name right, I asked them to correct it.

  11. Thomas,

    LOL, they only get the name right about one in five. You never know whose name will be credited with writing the post.

    You can turn them on to Google if you have the time.