So You Think You Have A Catchy Title

A Blog Lab Nugget

You think you have a catchy title for your blog post;  keyword rich and sure to be indexed in the first 20 minutes after you publish it.   It is a killer post and a killer title.   You proof read it, honed the sentence structure (Okay I’m kidding).   But here is one more thing you can and should do to make sure your great title doesn’t get lost at sea in the Google Universe.

Do A Google Search For Your Title

Wall Street a Shadow of Itself

Wall Street a Shadow of Itself

Do a Google search on the title and see what comes up.   You might be amazed at what other things might already be indexed with your “Catchy Keyword Rich” Title.

See that image to the right.   It was inspired by the shadow being cast on the paper while I was sitting in a waiting room.   I was waiting.   When I got back home and processed the image.   I could see words peeking out around the shadow about the Wall Street meltdown.   LOL that means it could have been from any day this past week.   I thought a catchy title would be Wall Street A Shadow of Itself.   Short and sweet with a few words and up it went.

I published the post and when I got word from my Google Alert the post had been indexed I did a search on the title of the post.   It turns out 60 Minutes had a story with the phrase Wall Street’s Shadow Market.   There were two pages of organic results with those three words prominent in the results.

I’ve had this happen before.   I thought I had a great title, good post, nice picture to draw the eye and hold the reader, only to find my post would never be returned in the organic results because of the frequency of some of those keywords.

Run a Google search on your catchy title.   If there isn’t anything like it coming up in the results you should rank quickly for those keywords.   If you are going to be buried on page 5.   Try another title till you find one you think will get you on page 1, preferably #1 on Page 1 of Google organic search results.

Sometimes someone else already thought of your Catchy Title.


  1. I worry about people who google too often, with that siad, what are the implications of being indexed it say 4 hours instead of 30 min? What is the impact for a business blogger?

    Teresa Boardmans last blog post..Two Years

  2. Teresa, “T”

    You must be thinking of people that tweet to often, that can be serious. You can’t google too often. Googling is good for the skin and muscle tone.

    As to the implications of being indexed in 4 hours instead of 30 minutes. It depends on the topic. If you just wrote about an event that is going to take place in the next hour, 4 hours is too long to be indexed, 30 minutes however opens a much larger window for posting late, this is a great advantage for bloggers who are forgetful, for example locking themselves out of the house while walking the dog.

    For those bloggers the 30 minute to indexing is a real plus. : )

  3. Dave,
    Nice post. I’ve never thought about taking the time to Google a post title before running it. I appreciate the tip a lot.

    Now the question now is, “how do you create a keyword rich title that is creates a desire for the target market to read the article?”

  4. Matt,

    Taking a look at your site and your post titles.

    First, IMO, I would change the look of your site. It looks too much like all the “Get Rich Quick, Have We Got A Deal For YOU” sites.

    Second, your post titles are not specific enough for your target audience. I know you know your target audience because you slipped it in with your name AZ Insurance. Which tells me you want to sell insurance to people in AZ. But your titles are so generic no one would know that is your target audience.

    Ex. When I write about the Rodeo here in Tucson I don’t say “Rodeo days are here again buckaroo” That could be anywhere. I title “Tucson Desert Thunder Pro Rodeo October 2008” Now I have a keyword rich title for my target audience. People wanting to go to the Tucson Pro Rodeo.

  5. Dave,
    I appreciate the comments on the site. (It’s habit to put name with AZ Insurance in comments and I know you ‘nofollow’ but still automatically do it.)

    My ‘homepage’ is a sales letter because I want people to get quotes not spend time reading articles. The articles are there for educational purposes, credibility, SEO, and no other insurance agent is giving away this info. My site is first and foremost to generate business. It may not appeal to you personally. But it works enough where I’m not ready to change it yet.

    However, I’ll take the advice on the article titles!

    Have fun.

  6. Matt,

    That’s why I put IMO, If it generates business, then it is doing the job. I like the static page. I should have been more specific on the IMO of the front page. The portrait with the open arms smile is on a lot of sites which are using a hard sell approach. The yellow contact box with the offer of a FREE report. That approach is what we call “SO Web 1.0”

    A free report that isn’t free, you have to give me your contact information. I provide free reports and downloads with the links to the pdf files. On those files are our contact information. This is the Web 2.0 “Transparent” approach saying

    “I know you have no reason to trust me with your contact information. Here is what you are looking for, if we can be of service here is our contact information.”

    The only remaining question I would suggest. Can I generate even more business with a 2.0 approach vs 1.0.

    Either way, you are providing good, informative information on your site. Here’s to a good 4th quarter.

  7. Dave quite agree about frequent googling improving skin and muscle tone – having googled several times a day for the past 2 years I can honestly say I look 10 years younger. I intend to keep this practice up!

    Great advice and I will defintely try this before blogging in future.

  8. So, what title would you have chosen instead?

    I think the shadow sort of looks like batman. [“Wall Street – the New Batman”] Batman is probably too competitive of a title though.

    The shadow also looks like the top of a bottle of whiskey. [“Getting Drunk on Wall Street”] That might have been a good selection. 😀

    Maloks last blog post..2010 World Equestrian Games Tickets

  9. great post Dave. I seemed to have hit the sweet spot for the title of my last blog post. It had 2 segments and is ranking for both.

    board of REALTORS gone rabid


    Sarasota MLS Board Out For Blood

    Keep up the great work.


  10. Good tip Dave. Several times I have thought I had it covered with a great title only to show up on page 3. Advice i should listen to more frequently.

  11. I’ve recently been writing articles and submitting to some of the better known directories on the net. I’ve learned the hard way regarding titles. Way too much competition on the first couple of articles I published.

    I thought about actually using some info from my Hittail account for writing some articles as well. Can’t hurt.

  12. Hey Dave awesome post , When I think of a title I try to think what a googler would type I think I’d rather be #4 of a phrase that more people are going to type in than #1 of a less popular term. 🙂

    Dan_Ns last blog post..Live Oak Preserve Homes

  13. Linda Craft-Cary NC Real Estate Expert says

    Great Advice! It is funny, but with the need to reach out and find clients in this economy, I might not have thought to check and see if my “pull in, keyword laced” phrases and titles might have already been over used!

  14. Dave,

    I Google my keywords, but never the actual article title. Great advice, I’ll have to pay more attention to the simple details. lol – I spend so much time on the keyword research sometimes that I forget who I’m writing for.

  15. I have found that a catchy title makes all the difference in adds but I honestly have never written for google inclusion…guess I’m a dinosaur…

  16. What a great idea! Considering how long GOOGLE has been around, it is embarassing to me that I’m still trying to master all the tricks. But checking for your title makes perfect sense. Already, my skin is clear and my muscle tone has improved…. but my corpal tunnel is flaring up!