Slick Contact Form

Slick Contact Form

Simply Slick

What’s so slick about it?

It can be put anywhere on the site, and it follows you down the page as you scroll.

Like Donkey in Shrek, “Pick Me, Pick Me”

The contact form that Stalk might be a better term than Slick Contact Form.

I’m using Dynamic Widgets to make it show up only on this post.  (See it up there “Contact the Head Rat”)  Now scroll down and watch it come along.

There might be a reason you would want this over a typical contact form page, but I can’t think of one.

There are many good contact form plugins, Contact Form 7, (My Favorite, Fast & Secure contact form) etc.

Those can be placed in a sidebar and styled. Slick contact form comes with 4 pre-set styles to chose from.

A Little Bit About Slick

Once you have it installed you won’t find it in settings.  Instead you do all the configuring in the Widget itself.

Even though it is a widget it can be set to display about anywhere on the site using the settings inside the widget.  So if you only have a single widget area it doesn’t mean you can’t display the contact form anywhere else.

Once you have it set up, save, open a new tab, and tweak where it displays on your site.

Remember, it follows you where ever you go, not just you but your visitors as well.  I don’t like pop-ups.  This is second on the list. I don’t like plugins that act like kindergarteners interrupting  while working or reading.  I go to a site initially for information.  If I like it, I’ll subscribe. If I’ve got a question.  I’ll find the contact form and ask it.

If I get a pop-up screen Ex. (Inman News)  I’ll never subscribe and I usually close the tab right away.  If that fly following me down the screen as I read gets annoying, the only way I can swat it is to close the tab.

Do you want to attract readers, only to annoy them?

I don’t.  In certain situation you might want to use this plugin for a specific page/post.  But as a whole I’d skip it for the typical contact form.



  1. Dave,

    I’ve been disabling Contact Form 7 on our sites because of the spam I’m receiving. I even added the captcha option, but still receive spam. I take it you are not receiving Contact Form 7 spam? Also, I wonder if Slick Contact Form is having spam issues.

    Yup, I’m guilty of reading your blog from my inbox, but thought I needed to comment on this one. I really need a good contact form for our blogs.

    Joe 🙂

  2. Joe,

    I use Fast and secure contact form.


  3. Man, that is superannoying! I can’t imagine bombarding my visitors with it! Is there even an option to make it go away (an “x” to close the window)?

  4. I think fast and secure contact form always works best!!

  5. I use fast and secure also. The best way to go!

  6. I agree. It’s a little annoying and the text is very econo looking. I was about to use Contact Form 7. Thanks to everyone for the heads up on Fast and Secure Contact Form.

  7. Dan,

    I’ve used both Fast and Secure and Contact form 7. I’ll take Fast and Secure. Much easier to configure and build forms and you don’t have to mess with building the response form by email section.


  8. Is this slick contact form a plugin? I have always used a hard coded contact form as part of my navigation. I guess I have always figured if someone wants to contact me they no where to look for it, in the nav. I like this idea though. I just wonder if it would bother my end users.

  9. Grant,

    Yes it is a plugin. I’d stick with the contact form in your navigation. This one would bother me. It comes across not so much as a contact form as it does a sale person following you around the store, creepy.