How is Your Site User Interface?

I’m always looking at the user interface of a site.  I probably spend more time looking at the UI than I do the content.

Innovation in UI design is where you can see what is considered “Cutting Edge”  Although sometimes that edge is very dull.  Remember when having someone walk onto your screen and start talking to you was a fad?

I visit a lot of sites in the course of a day.  I’m sure most of you do as well.

I thought I’d share a little insight into UI interface FAIL.  This one comes courtesy of USA Today.


  1. I hope mine is good for the consumer yet I do know my landing pages could use a bunch of work. Finding time to work on the UI, from a users perspective, has always been tough for me.

  2. We just redesigned our site and I’m happy with our UI. Social sharing is a must today and, in real estate, you must have a great map search to grab the user’s attention.

  3. Samantha,

    I agree, but I’d never use a flash based map search on a Real Estate site. It eliminates way to many of my site visitors. No one using an iPad (unless they download a special browser, which isn’t going to happen) or an android based tablet will ever see the map you have on your site. That means you are left with only those on desktops and laptops.


  4. After reading this post, am thinking of revamping my areal estate site. Am not sure where i will get a good and affordable developer. But am happy that this post have given me a good advice. If i get a good designer too, the better.

  5. Great points in the video. I’ve also been noticing the arrows on the side and should probably look into that for my site. LOL on the blue on blue. had made that same mistake in an upgrade until a user noticed it. I think it was only the blue on blue on mobile. They fixed it quickly, though.

  6. I just found your site. I really like the wordpress blog platform and the back and next buttons are a great idea. I can see that I really need to find some help to take my blog to the next level. Thank you for the helpful videos.