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Old Time Movie CameraLights, Camera, Action, Sound . . .   Yeah I added sound, don’t want to be completely cliche ridden.

We are in a video world. One of the amazing things to me is the acceptablility of very poor quality video when viewing it on the net.

All I hear is “High Def” this and “High Def” that.   The stores are filled with HDTV flat panels that look so clear you are afraid to step to close to the screen or you might be sucked right in.

And then you go to YouTube and see page after page of very poor quality video, and people love it, they just can’t seem to get enough of it.   To me there seems to be a hugh disconnect here.

This can be to our advantage, if we can provide good quality video on their screen when they are used to crappy video I think they will take notice.

Here are some video display options.

Let me add here, I’m really new to this video stuff, I’ve always hated the visual quality I see so didn’t look into it until just recently, so I’m no expert on any of this by any means. I have found a way to put video on a listing site that looks pretty good, and cost virtually nothing to produce as long as you have access to Microsofts Photo Story 3.

There are several things to consider when putting video on your single listing site.

  1. Creating the video
  2. Choosing a video format
  3. displaying the video
  4. size of video file/bandwidth requirements

Creating the video will be looked at in a separate post. Today we will focus on displaying your video on the property site.

I’ve looked at several ways to display the video on the blog page.

I’ve used:

I have considered the WordTube plugin, but so far haven’t had the time to install and test it.   It looks like a lot of steps to setup to me and the instructions are not very clear.   The CoolPlayer Plugin works so well I haven’t taken time to look further.

Our video example was created using Photo Story 3.   It saves all files created as .wmv or windows media files.   I like .wmv files because they display like high definitions and they are small in file size by video standards. I’ll do another post on Photo Story 3 it’s FREE.

Here are examples of all three of the above methods of displaying your video.

This first one is an embedded YouTube video.  

Of course you have to have a YouTube account set up, you need to upload your video file to have it converted to the Youtube format. I suggest you start with an original file size of 400 X 300 if you go this route. It will convert much quicker.

Three things I don’t like about this route:

  1. The video appears to show a frame from in the middle not the title frame
  2. The video is now very poor in quality compared to the original
  3. Oh yeah, you have to turn off the visual editor and use the code view only or else it will wipe out the code when it saves. Nice feature don’t you think?

This next one is using the Windows Media Player Plugin.  

[wmv width=”440″ height=”330″][/wmv]

The only drawback is the computer playing the video has to have Windows Media Player version 9 or higher installed on their machine.

Here is the Coolplayer display

[coolplayer width=”440″ height=”300″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Cool Player Test

The coolplayer has a button placed on the code editor which makes it easy to insert a coolplayer display. At the bottom you will notice a title which appears as a link. If you click on that link it will open the player for that type of file in full screen (at least it was full screen on my system).

Here’s the cute thing, if you quickly double click on that link it will open a small field where you can enter the url of any video you want to play in the player.

There are lots of programs out there for creating and displaying videos on a blog post or page. The display options I’ve shown here are just a few of the possibilities.

CoolPlayer is a coolplayer. It is my choice for display. You don’t have to be in code editor to keep it from being wiped out like YouTube embedded code. And you Don’t have to have the Windows Media Player installed. There are lots of options for autoplay, looping, size of window, etc. and it displays just about every kind of video file format.

Finally, I’ve been working on all the post in this series at the same time. Adding snippets here and there to each post as I thought of something I wanted to be sure to cover. It wasn’t my intension to publish this post just yet, but since I can’t open this post using the visual editor without wiping out the YouTube imbedded code I’m going to go ahead and publish it now.

And if you have money in stocks or mutual funds, I’m sorry, I hope you have a better day today.


  1. Does the end user need to have Windows Media Player 9 or higher to use the Cool Player?

    I also noticed the aspect ratio was different for the Cool Player. Why is it different? Can you do a “wide screen” video with Cool Player?

  2. Also, you are right about YouTube. Very disappointing video quality….

  3. Neil,

    It is my understanding you do not need the window’s media player installed.

    Coolplayer’s aspect ratio is set by you when you insert it into the post. I haven’t tried a widescreen. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do widescreen. It displays as I said based on the width and height settings you enter.

  4. Neil,

    I just did a quick test setting the coolplayer to 550 X 200. It displays in widescreen, it down not stretch the video file to match. If you create your file dimensions for widescreen you can set coolplayer to display it properly.

  5. Good post. Yes, technology when used correctly can bring a wonder of benefits to real estate marketing. Kudos to all agents who are realizing this and taking heed to technological advances!

  6. Carl Ringwall says

    We use FLV flash movies on our site. We found that nobody wants to fool with any kind of plugins- the consumer just expects the video to play. I think our camera is the weak link right now as far as video quality goes, not the delivery medium.

  7. Carl,

    I don’t think there is a need for a plugin with the coolplayer.

    I thought you had to have flash player installed for FLV.

    The thing I don’t like about FLV the files are very large.

  8. Carl Ringwall says

    I thinks flash is installed in most all modern computers- but I’m going to have a look at the coolplayer.

    File sizes for our vids are running about 15-20 meg for 5-7 min. We use slow frame rates, low quality audio. We tried making them 160 pix wide and better quality, but folks liked their window bigger, even if the quality suffered.


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