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Open House Sign“Remember that every agent’s livelihood and ultimate goal is to have as many signs in the ground and as much advertising as possible. The signs and advertising bring more listing leads and buyer leads, which puts more money in the agent’s pocket.”     Taken from Real/diablog – tomorrows real estate trends the post titled:  “Agents “Buying Listings” – How Much Does It Truly Hurt The Consumer And Real Estate Industry?”

 A single property site is of no value if it can’t be found.

Post and Pages play an important part in creating and getting our site found in the search engines.   I’ll outline the difference of each and the importance of each in this post.

I’ll cover the sidebar widget, links to documents, tags, odds and ends, pick a theme.   But this is the post that tells you how to bring Single Property Sites to Life so the search engines bring buyers to your site.


Front Page  is where I put the static information.   It is an introduction to the site.   The property street address is the page title (DO NOT include the City, State, Zip).   This page is set as static in WordPress.   How

  • Options
  • Reading
  • Select the Page or Post to be on Top

Property Video Page I put the video on a page because I haven’t found a single video format that will validate.   By putting this on a page you isolate it from the rest of the site.

When you hold a traditional open house you set out your open house signs at the major intersections which will provide you with the most traffic.  

When holding a 24/7 open house you want to do the same thing.  

Posts are Open House signs on the web.

What are the major intersections near the property.  

  • Is there a national park
  • a historical market
  • a national attraction
  • an event held near this home  
  • are there activities for a family
  • major shopping centers

Identify these locations then set out your signs at each one.

How do you do this?  

  • Write the first post about the property Title address with City St Zip.  
  • Write a separate post about each one on the listing blog site.
  • Put a map post showing where the home is located along with the location  of  each.  
  • Each post should contain the event or location in the title.  
  • After each post is published send out pings.  

It won’t take long for your signs placed at each of these major intersections to begin to show up.

Someone searches for the local mall and up pops one of your signs.   They search for the location of the golf tournament they want to attend and find one of your signs.   They start thinking, it would be nice to have a home near there.  

The Secret Sauce  

Ok everyone, here is what you have been reading all these post for.  
Here is what sets apart a Single Property Site that get found by the search engines and the ones that are created to impress the sellers.



I have created more than a dozen single property sites.   But about three of those sites sold before I got the site posts created.   They had pages, the blogs were active and pinged.   But they were completely invisible on the search engines.

I never see any of the sites in the search engines, even if they are live for two or three weeks without posts.   But as soon as I add posts  the site suddenly is found everywhere.

Think of it this way, if you hold an open house but don’t put out any signs, do you think people will know it is open?

The house is open.


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