Single Property Sites – A Time-shift Open House

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One of the greatest things to come along is the ability to see some of our favorite televisions shows when ever we want.   Time shifting isn’t new, with VCR’s people have been practicing time shifting for a couple of decades.   Tivo came along to the cable crowd and now we have on demand movies and TV shows we can see whenever we want. I hear it won’t be long and most of what we want on TV won’t even have a broadcast time, we will simply pick the show we want to watch when we want to watch it.   Time shifting seems to be manditory for the fast paced, fully active packed days many people live now.

Now time shifting has entered real estate as well.   Gone are the days when you have to call a realtor and have them look up available properties in their MLS book, treated by many as a holy book, and others  as the treasure chest of power and riches.   No longer do consumers have to set an appointment to go with a realtor or agent to see what the inside of a home looks like.   The time of planning your Saturday or Sunday around the open house schedule no longer exists.  

Now  buyers go to to look at listings.    They google local mls information and view web sites in those areas  they are thinking about moving to in the future.

They can take a virtual tour of a home on the other side of the world.   It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.   They don’t have to make an appointment to see the home. They click the mouse a couple of times like magic  they are granted a view into  their prospective new home.    They can see the mountains from the backyard, view the pool and spa, and see what kind of light fixtures are in the great room.

The open house has traditionally been when the “public” could see a house without a realtor, no need for “The Book” either.   But you have to read the papers or just drive around town between 1 and 4 PM on most Saturdays or Sundays to find the signs with arrows on them and the magic word “Open” displayed somewhere around a directional arrow.

Now we can time shift many open houses.   We can make it so buyers can  google an address, location, or event  and find an entire website dedicated to the property.

This is the beginning of a series of post that will outline the process of creating and setting up single property sites.   Here is some of what we will be covering.

  1. Hosting your sites
  2. WordPress themes
  3. WordPress plugins
  4. SEO for the sites
  5. How to get them found in the Search Engines
  6. Layout
  7. Category names
  8. Maps for the site
  9. Photos & Video

When  the series is done you will be able to set up   single property sites and learn some thing you can do to your regular blog or website to help it along the way as well.  

Here are some examples of these types of single property open houses.

There’s a variety of URL’s,   different themes and various pages and posts for each.   They are listed from earliest creation to latest.  

If you have any questions or comments along the way please ask.   I’ll be glad to answer question as they come up.   I’ve been looking forward to writing this series for some time.   I just keep doing more and more research on the topic and learning along the way, but it is now time to start the writing.

I hope it will be of interest to all that read this blog and everyone will get something out of it for your own blogging experience even if you don’t plan on using single property sites.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Great post. Looks like single property sites are pretty popular this week. Your single blog sites are great. They’re very clear and extremely easy to navigate. We just launched today which provides single property sites using WordPress, sounds like we’re in the same boat. Can’t wait to learn more about your experiences and would definitely be open to sharing any ideas. And by the way if you need real estate plugins which would help populate your blogs in minutes, you can download them into your blogs at Cheers! Ken

  2. Ken,

    Thanks for stopping by, I’ve only had a couple of minutes to look at your site and example sites. They look really nice as well.

    I look forward to seeing the features and themes you add to the site in the future. And I’ll have some questions for you like (your video on the sample what format is that in and what do you use for the player?)

    Good luck with the new venture.

  3. Ken-Realivent says

    Dave, thanks for your interest. To answer your questions:

    1. What format ?
    The video itself is playing in a Flash player (.FLV) format. You can start with any video format – i.e. MPEG, AVI, or other can convert it. A real nice freeware converter can be found at:

    2. What do you use for the player ?
    Those samples are currently using a WordTube Plugin, which can be found at:
    I really like this plugin, its very easy to use and you can upload videos directly from WordPress. Also, it give you stats as well so that you can show sellers how many people visited the video tour. Its under a CCL, so you might want to check other terms with the plugin author. We hope to improve it so that it is specific to real estate.

    Just email me anytime if you would like me to get some videos running for your sites or hosted at In fact if you duplicate your sites on both systems, you can increase your web linkage.


  4. Guess I’m ahead of the game – I’ve been doing single property websites since 2001 for all of my listings – now it seems to be the trend! And I’ve been doing video for all listings for almost 2 years…!

  5. Rudy,

    I would say you have definately been ahead of the game. You must feel they are worth the effort or you wouldn’t keep doing them, right?

  6. Great idea… the single property sites and I like your description of time shifting as it relates to real estate. The Internet is truely changing the face of real estate marketing and these single property sites using blogs is a big part of that changing landscape.

    I’ve recently published an eBook called the Virtual Open House that is right in sync with what you’re doing here.

  7. Hey Dave,

    Seems that quite a few of the links are broken so I wasn’t able to view your masterpieces 🙁




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