Single Property Site – Plugins

Plug in photoPlugins really make setting up a single property site much easier.   One Plugin I use heavily is the Sidebar Widget plugin, when you chose a theme you want to make sure it is “Widget ready” or “widgetized”   if not you will need to know how to go in and modify the theme code to include widgets. I’ll go into how to do that in another post one of these days.
For now it is better to select Themes that are widget ready.

Here is a list of plugins that I use for setting up property sites.

  1. Askimet (for spam)
  2. Sidebar Widget (creating custom sidebar/s)
  3. Tags in the Head (meta tags for your pages and posts
  4. Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) tags, tags, more tags,
  5. Windows Media Posting (embedding wmv files in posts)
  6. Or Coolplayer 9 (A more vercital media player)


This is a plugin that is included with WordPress updates starting with version 2.1   It is the main force for spam control on your site.   After you install the plugin you will need to create an account at   They will email you an api key and you will copy this  into the Askimet setup under plugins askimet configuration.

Sidebar Widget

This particular plugin is more than a simple plugin you activate setup and forget.   This plugin is the basis of the WordPress term “Widgetized” or “Widget Ready”   It is   a must I believe for any WordPress blog.  

There exist an entire subset of plugins written just for the sidebar widget plugin.   I’m going to write an entire post on this plugin.   Just note, you definitely want this one.

Tags in the Head

Tags in the head are tags that you set up under the options page for the meta tags for description and keywords for  page or post generated HTML.   You want to activate this plugin then go to the options tab and click on tags.

Ulitmate Tag Warrior

UTW is a another great plugin for adding tags to your pages and posts.   Once installed you go to the Options tab and select tags.   There are many options you can set for how and where you want your tags to appear.   For Single Site Property Blogs I usually don’t use local tags, instead I prefer the Technoraticommalist at the bottom of the page or post.

It is your personal preference.   Usually there isn’t enough internal navigation to merit internal tags being displayed, but to make your site easier to find on Technorati I like putting those tags into place so my site is searchable on Technorati.

When we cover the topic “Pages and Posts” I’ll explain the use of tags as open house signs on the net.

Windows Media Player Plugin or CoolPlayer

I like the use of video media on the sites.   It makes a site pop and often gives potential buyers who are out of state or country the ability to see the property.   We often have people phoning or emailing their family to go to the site and view the videos.   It has closed more than one deal when dad in California could view the inside and out of  a home his son or daughter wanted to buy.

I like each of the above plugins.   The Windows Media Player requires someone to already have Windows Media Player V10 or higher already installed on their computer for the viewer to work.   It only plays .wmv files

Coolplayer on the other hand plays almost any kind of video file you can find and it has a lot of options on how the player displays and functions on the blog.

I used to have other plugins for displaying maps and doing some other things, but I’ve found a great mapping solution using   which I’ll show how to implement in the Single Property Site – Maps post.

We are talking about setting up Single Property Sites,   I have many other plugins I would use on a Real Estate blog in addition to these.   Remember the old glade commercials with the theme song; “Plug it in, Plug it in”   Well in the same vein, WordPress plugins will keep your site from smelling stale and they will   help give it a fresh clean look.


  1. Eric Medemar says

    Very informative stuff, I honestly wish I was smart enough to understand it. I am slowly learning this blog thing

  2. I am guessing most of these plugins you don’t need to use anymore? Care to update what you are into using now? My real problem with getting into WP for my main site, which I want to do, is wrapping my head around how to get pages, and post to work like I would in DW, and freehand HTML. Is the secret in categories/tags, and only have PAGES display certain POST? I understand how I would do it in a single property site, but really haven’t been able to figure out how people are doing it on good “agent” sites.

  3. Jay I think part of this is how you are looking at pages and posts.

    Pages in WP are the same as static pages on an HTML site. You can have a WP blog that is all pages if you want. You can set a static front page and then put all your content on pages.

    Posts are what you see on a typical blog where the latest post is displayed on the top and then moved down the front page as new content is added. This structure provided the last thing written first and your readers don’t have to go looking for it.

    I use DW also and coded my first static site using it. Now that I’m using WP I would never go back to coding in DW for more than just tweaks to posts/pages which is what I do now. For example if I want to build a table to be displayed in a post I use DW to build the table and content and then copy and past it into my WP editor.

    I have a static site and three blog sites which you can check out, the blogs all use a mix of pages for some content and posts for the new content. Sometimes I add a new page which will show up in the top nav or sidebar where static page navigation is displayed.

    If you really want to get your head around WP there is a new book out WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver which I’m reading right now and will help with the understanding of WP structure.

    I can tell you this once you understand WP and how it is so well structured for solid SEO you won’t look back.

    Keep reading there is a lot of information in the lab. Much of what is written in the single property category applies to any blog site not just single property sites. Categories are like folders where posts are organized so you can find them grouped together, tags, if they are internal tags will do the same. They are for the purpose of organizing content.

    Here are the sites for you to check. The first is the static site the rest are blogs

    Tucson Real Estate
    Tucson AZ Real Estate
    Tucson Real Estate in The News
    Oro Valley Real Estate