Single Property Site – Categories

There are two types of categories

  1. Categories for organizing your posts
  2. Categories for organizing your blogroll (links)

WordPress 2.1 changed the way it handles categories behind the scenes and now allows you to create them on the fly. For our purposes they haven’t changed a great deal. For SEO purposes here are my suggestions for Category names.

Categories play an important part in SEO and are coupled to your permalink structure. I suggest you when you set up your site you use a custom permalink structure of


You do this by going to the options tab and typing this in the custom box and save.

What are permalinks? Permalink structure determines how the URL will appear in the address bar on the browser. If you are reading this post from the post page you should see in the address bar:—Categories

This puts the keywords I use in the category names along with the keywords I have in the post title. This permalink structure tied to your category names provides you a keyword rich URL for the search engines.

This is why it is important we chose our Category names for Posts wisely. The category names for our blogroll play a different part in the site structure which we will get to, but first let look at the category names for posts.

Categories for Posts

I suggest you create post categories tied to geographic places associated with the property address and location.

  • City
    • Tucson
    • Tucson Living
  • Subdivision
    • Heritage Highlands
    • Sam Hughes
  • Area
    • Dove Mountain
    • Rancho Vistoso
  • Community
    • River Walk Luxury Townhomes
    • Campus Walk Condos

This will help with placing the location of the property in the URL address bar as keywords. Searches on any of these locations give you a better chance of coming up in the search.

Example: If I had a property in Heritage Highlands subdivision which is located in the Dove Mountain Area of Tucson, I would for that property have the following Categories on that blog

  1. Tucson
  2. Tucson Living
  3. Dove Mountain
  4. Heritage Highlands

I might have a post on the activities available at the Gated Heritage Highlands Community under the category Heritage Highlands. Another post on The Fry’s shopping Center at Dove Mountain, category Dove Mountain etc. The URL for the last example using an address specific domain name

Categories for the Blogroll (Links)

These category names help us divide up the navigation to supporting pages and documents we provide on the site. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Documents
    • Here is where you can put disclosure documents. I scan these documents save them as PDF’s and upload them to a directory then link them under this category. ex. SPDS, Leadbased Paint Disclosure, etc.
  2. Information
    • This is where I put links to property flyers, virtual tours and anything of interest that is tied to the property. You could do a weekly CMA and link to it here.
  3. Web sites
    • Your web site address, blog address, other single property sites, etc.
  4. Area Attractions or Area Activities
    • Here I place links to attractions and activities of interest located near the property. This might be malls or upscale shopping. It might be national parks or recreational facilities as examples.

Setting up your categories properly will help visitor navigation on the site. More importantly it will help them find the property in the first place in the search engines.