Simple Top Navigation

Child Pages are easy to display

Child Pages are easy to display

Simple Top Navigation is a part of the Simple Sidebar Navigation plugin I wrote about in the last post.

I’ve written about drop down menu navigation before.   I had it installed here at the lab when we were still using the Cutline theme.

Recently I created a Real Estate Listing Photo processing site.   I really needed to have a top menu with drop down sub menus that were fairly easy to configure for size and color.   About a month ago I added an IDX solution to the Tucson Real Estate blog and have been creating groups of search results pages.   This is the kind of situation where a drop down menu for child pages is great for quick and easy navigation.

Since I had just setup the Photo processing site (Which is also a photography tips blog) putting the simple sidebar navigation plugin to work was a snap.   I had already custom configured the CSS styles for what I wanted and it worked perfectly for all blogs.

The Simple Top Navigation Setup

It isn’t as simple to setup as the sidebar widgets because for top navigation you have to modify the theme for the menu to appear where you want it to in your theme.   On the one site it is at the very top.   On the others it is under the header and before the content.   You decided where you want the navigation to appear and place the code accordingly.

You can create CSS Styling for the plugin using suckerfish.   Or you can do what I did and use firebug and notepad.   This isn’t a tutorial post so I’m not going into all the setup and configuration beyond this.

I will say if you modify the css style that comes with the plugin make a backup.   If the plugin is updated you will need to put your custom css back in place once that upgrade is complete.

What I like about this solution for drop down navigation is once you have the code in place you go to the widget panel and set up the top nav the same way you do the page navigation.   Putting things where you want them on the menu is very simple.   This is where simple top navigation really shines.

Max points out, but I’ll emphasize, you don’t title the simple top navigation widget.   I’ll also draw to your attention that when you activate this you get a top navigation drop down on your widget selection.   This is is where you configure the top navigation widget.   Don’t put it in the sidebar and expect it to show up at the top.

This whole navigation system is a great addition to your wordpress blog.   Max also just added the Advanced Text Widget to the list of his available WordPress plugins.   I’m sure I’ll find a great way to use this one as well one day soon.

Thanks to Max Chirkov for these great plugins which add amazing functionality to any real estate blog.