Simple Full Screen Background Image

Millennium Bridge Denver

Millennium Bridge Denver

There are times when you want a full screen background image that is FULL Screen all the time.  I mean no matter how far out you zoom the image doesn’t repeat.

No need to create a huge image and then only see part of it at normal viewing sizes.  You can get a 1024 (or I prefer a 1200 px) image to fill the screen background. I’m using a 1024 image for the background right now.  Zoom in it enlarges, Zoom out and it fill the screen nicely.

Yes, You can do this with CSS.  Do you know how?  Do you want to override this by hard coding?  Do you want this to be easy to change?

The Simple Full Screen Background Image plugin makes it easy and so far works well with every theme I’ve tried it on.

I’ve got a shot I took at the Denver Millennium bridge late one nigh as the background image on the Lab at this writing.  It might not be there when you read this so you can see a small version at the top of this post.