Share This Social Bookmarking Plug-in

Share this IconHave you seen this symbol on blog posts? It is usually located at the bottom of the post, but it can be put anywhere you want to display it, within reason of course.

This is from Alex King’s blog. It was about creating an icon for his share this plug-in.

There have been a lot of posts recommending social bookmarking to increase traffic to your site. Here are a couple of examples:

Mary at RSSpieces wrote a post Using Social Bookmarks to Promote your Blog

Jim Cronin said this about social bookmarking over at the Real Estate Tomato Blog

Social Bookmarking allows readers of you blog to ‘vote’ for your compelling articles to be ‘bookmarked’ on a social platform. In English: If someone submits your article to a social bookmarking site such as then a link to the article (permalink) will be sent to the bookmarking account that they have set up on The more people that recognize the value of the article, and ‘vote’ for it by saving it to their online bookmarking account, the more popular the article becomes on the bookmarking site itself. The more popular it becomes, the more prevalent the article becomes to the users of the bookmarking site (like and the greater chance it has to be read, and voted on. If an article that you write makes it to the top of a list on a social bookmarking site like, you will have 10’s of 1000’s of readers in less than a day.

I started looking for a social bookmarking plug-in. It didn’t take long. There were a lot of them out there. Some with icons some with clickable links others with dropdowns. I found one I liked and put it up on the Tucson Real Estate blog and on the Lab. I thought I was set. Then I discovered the plug-in created more than 16 W3C Validation Errors.

If you’ve spent anytime reading this blog you know I hate code that won’t validate.

BTW, the new upgrade for WordPress 2.2 causes a validation error associated with “id = links” I’ll have to look at that later.

I kept searching. I think I’ve tried 5 or 6 different plug-ins and all of them created errors.

I gave up until I read about share this the other day. It has been awhile since I had tried one and Alex King, well that’s a name you remember in the WordPress community.

  • I downloaded the plug-in.
  • Uploaded it.
  • Activated it.

That was all I had to do, No code to place in the loop, unless I wanted to, and it worked perfectly.

The next step was testing it for validation. It worked perfectly. For one reason, it takes you off site to do the work. Once I’m on that page it references the post you want to bookmark and provides a list of places for you to apply the bookmark.

It is simple, no coding, and no W3C validation errors.

For now this is my social bookmark plug-in of choice.

Please Feel free to share this. The icon should be right below these words and above the guy in the red shirt.


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  2. Very useful tool, thanks Dave! It’s all about creating a following. Love your site and all the information you provide.