Shadowbox Replaces Lightbox for WordPress 2.7

Lightbox plugins not compatible with 2.7

The conflict of plugins saga continues. Lightbox was the issue with the plugins commentluv and twitterid not functioning for comments.   It was entirely my fault.   I have so many plugins functioning and being tested here at the lab I don’t take the time to go through the WordPress functional plugins list to make sure all the plugins will work when upgrading.   With the advent of captioning I haven’t been using the Lightbox effect to show larger images as much as I used to and I didn’t realize it wasn’t working.   I especially didn’t realize it was what broke several good plugins in the process.

Shadow boxing

Shadowbox takes out Lightbox

It turns out Lightbox plugins (none of them) were able to make the jump to 2.7   After trying about 6 of them with no luck the dial-up geek thought to do a search on lightbox wordpress 2.7   and found the shadowbox js plugin was the choice of WP lightbox users who were left in a lurch after upgrading to 2.7

Shadowbox JS

Once I installed this plugin all my old posts using Lightbox were back up and running.   The interface is a little different and the options to configure it from the settings panel are completely different.   But it works and it doesn’t conflict with any of the other plugins.

If you have been lightboxed out since your upgrade to 2.7 then Shadowbox JS is your ticket to get back in the ring.


  1. I wonder if I’m going to have trouble with Drupal when I upgrade. The only problem with plugins….

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  2. This didn’t work for me 🙁

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  3. I don’t get it, lightbox made everything die, so I changed it to shadowbox. Shadowbox works fine with IE7, but with FF3 it doesn’t: The overlaying window won’t open, instead ‘rel=lightbox’ is completely ignored.

    Can anyone help?

  4. @aSak – Try Floatbox Plus. It take a little extra work to get it going since you have to install the floatbox files manually yourself inside the floatbox plus plugin directory.

    But it works with all rel=”lightbox” designations already in your posts. It works with both IE 7 and FF

  5. Jesse,

    Thanks for the information. I’ve started using Flashbox and like it a lot. I see the link you provided actually goes to another post and not hte jQuery Lightbox plugin. It looks like WP-prettyphoto would be another interesting option.


  6. Oh man, this helped me. I almost did the same thing and tried every possible lightbox version. But google helped and brought me here. Thanks….