SexyBookmarks not Sexy with Worpress 3.0.2

UPDATE 12/20/2010: Jay (from Sexybookmarks) left a couple of comments last night. This morning I upgraded Sexybookmarks and ran benchmark pageload time tests. Indeed it seems the issues are resolved. You can now shorten with your favorite URL Shortener and not effect page load times. Thanks Jay for the update, I know many bloggers love this plugin for WordPress
UPDATE: For now if you select Do Not Shorten URL the plugin will not effect page load times. The plugin authors are working on the issue, it seems to be in the url shortening.

sexybookmarks not sexy right now

I’ll keep this short, even though I just spent two days tracking down why a new site I setup on the very morning of the the 3.0.2 update slowed to a crawl suddenly.

After an extensive search from DNS to Forwarding etc. etc.   It came down to the Plugin SexyBookmarks.

Site Suddenly Slow to Load after 3.0.2 WP Update

I decided to deactivate all the plugins on the site and test for page load times after I reactivated each.   When I turned them all off the page load time went from 7 seconds to 1/3 of a second.   When I turned Sexybookmarks back on the site came to a crawl once again.

I then went to one of my sites that I’ve not done anything to since the 3.0.2 update and it’s page load time had gone up to almost 6 seconds. I deactivated Sexybookmarks and the site load speed was back to under 1/3 of a second.

I’ve sent in a bug report to sexybookmarks reporting the issue.   I LIKE THIS PLUGIN A LOT so I hope they can get the conflict resolved quickly.

If your site has suddenly slowed down after the 3.0.2 update and you are running sexybookmarks test it yourself.   Deactivate the plugin and see if your site doesn’t speed back up to normal.

For now I’ve switched over to the AddToAny plugin.   It works, but isn’t as “pretty” as sexybookmarks.


  1. Thank you, thank you! I’ve had a site with 45 to 50 second load times for over the last month. We just moved it to a new host today with the same results. I went in an deactivated Sexy Bookmarks and the site is loading really fast now. So it looks like it goes back to before 3.02.

  2. Bill,

    It hasn’t been an issue for any of my sites, but I would guess by the nature of plugins it was in conflict with another one you are running that I’m not.

    Glad you got your sports car back, nothing makes a geek loose sleep like a site that won’t load.


  3. I used Sexybookmarks plugin a few months back in my blog but then i removed it because it was using too much resources. It uses Javascript which makes site slow to load.

  4. Dave – Thanks for the tip on this. I haven’t upgraded my main blog, but several other blogs that were using SexyBookmarks were upgraded. I wonder what’s causing the slowdown in the shortened URL creation – seems like an odd thing to be slowing a site down.

  5. Matt,

    I agree, I would never have thought to look there till one of the developers got back to me and asked me to do some testing with the different shortens enabled. The only one that didn’t drag the site was no shortener. Has to be something in the way they are connecting to whatever service is selected.


  6. Denise Hamlin says

    Dave, Thanks for the heads up. I’ve made some major changes on my site recently and would have had trouble identifying why it was running so slow without this post. A big help. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I am pretty gun-shy with most plug-ins. I haven’t gotten into sexy bookmarks yet but will have to check it out and make sure to see that this issue has been fixed before running it. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks Dave!!

  9. Has this issue been resolved yet? It caused me a couple of days of frustration and I don’t want to activate S.B. again until the all-clear is announced.

  10. Anita,

    Not to my knowledge. But the work around is in the post.


  11. Hi All,

    This is Jay from Shareaholic/Sexybookmarks.

    We released an update to the plugin last week that should resolve all issues. Please upgrade as soon as you can.

    Please do contact us if you continue to face any issues whatsoever. We are here to help!

    We are committed to making everything work as expected.


  12. Here are some additional ways to contact us regarding SexyBookmarks/Shareaholic! —

    Community support forums:


  13. Jay,

    Thanks for the update and helpful information. I’ll check it out.


  14. Anita,

    Yes, it appears to be working properly now.


  15. Thanks for the update…going to give it another try.