Seven Ways To Sharpening the Focus of Your Blog for 2009

What are you going to write about in 2009. There is nothing worse that sitting at your computer knowing you should write for your blog but you don’t have a clue or an idea.   Now is a great time to sit down and select a few major themes you want to address in the new year. Of course a lot of this depends on the focus of your blog and the content you want to emphasize.   I’ll focus on Local and Hyperlocal, but the concept works for almost any type of blog

  • Local Events (make a list and put them on the calendar   start a basic post using Quickpress)
  • National News Effecting Your Local Market (Set up a Google alert and customize your google news page)
  • Local Real Estate News (Subscribe to the local online newspaper AND MAKE SURE YOU READ IT)
  • Fresh Eyes (Grab a relative when they come to visit, one that doesn’t live there and drive them around looking at what is of interest to them, places to eat, shop, public art, etc.)
  • Plan a couple of series (These can be about local places or topic related to your local real estate market, ex. Water Harvesting, Going green,)
  • What are you passionate about? (It is okay to get personal.   Love hiking do a few post about it. In love with photography, go for it, show some of your photos, talk about your interests outside of real estate)
  • Take a camera with you everywhere.   I run into a lot of blogging subjects in the process of going through my day.   A photo is a great way to feature a post.   Even a short post with a photo is better than no post at all.

Jotting down ideas through the day is one of things I do using the memo pad on the Blackberry.   Some times I send myself a quick email with just a subject line and a sentence to outline the thought.

Going through a local magazine that outlines the dates of events coming to your community during the course of the year is a good way to find topics.   Make a note of the date, write a quick draft post with the event and name of the event in the title.   This helps you remember when the event is getting close.   You can then remove the date when you write the actual post.

Build a regular routine of blogging into your week.   Have those topic chosen before you sit down to write.   Put these things into practice and blogging can be more fun than work.   Few things will kill your blogging experience quicker than sitting in front of the computer going “What am I going to write about?”


  1. Dave,

    Awesome ideas. I especially find that getting two or three posts partially completed (either with QuickPress or in normal draft mode) is vital in establishing a blogging plan. This also allows you a couple of times to circle back on what you wrote and possibly change things before you publish.

    I know from watching my click stats that people love to read neighborhood related stuff — especially schools.

    Thanks for the concise summary!


    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog post..Band-A-Rama Kicks off the San Carlos Week of the Family ‘09…

  2. Great Tips Dave, I can’t stand sitting in front of my computer for hours. We have themed days so that’s not a big deal. It’s the off days that kill me – we’re going to fill those days with hot topics or industry news, maybe some funny videos.

    Just recently I’ve started jotting down ideas, sentences etc.. it works wonders.

  3. Hey Dave – Great ideas as always. I love the list of resources you lay out. I guess its all about creating a routine just like any thing else.

  4. I see where you’re coming from. People web-surf all the time and if the picture stands out they will usually read the article. Does that count as adding “great” content to your website if what your target is to promote real estate?

    Scott ´s last blog post..Search Hudson County MLS

  5. Scott,

    Yes, it does. Your goal in real estate isn’t to promote real estate. Your goal is to promote the community in which you live and work. You are the ambassador at the gate to the city. The images you put in your post are “Great” content. They get indexed in Google and you would be amazed how many people searching for information about a community will start that search with a Google Image Search for your town.

  6. Great advise. I think having a blogging “plan of attack” will help me tremendously. Usually by the time I sit down to blog, I’m wiped out and can’t think of anything to write about. I’m a photographer as well, so I’m going to take the advice of posting on some of the shoots I go on.