Serendipitous Marketing

Serendipitous Marketing is a concept a lot of real estate bloggers have a hard time getting a handle on.   So let’s try and put a handle on it.

Serendipitous Marketing is the flip side of “Word of Mouth”   It is a term I use when talking about hyper local blogging.

“Why would I want to put content on my blog that doesn’t have anything to do with real estate?”   My response is “Serendipitous Marketing”, which is usually met with “Huh?”

Dangling light socket


Let me illustrate how it works in other areas of everyday life.   The other day our microwave turntable stopped working.   We called and out came the repairman to fix it.   There were parts that needed to be ordered and while he was working we were also talking about the kitchen light fixture that was broken.   I had used one of those bulb replacement poles since the ceiling is 16 feet up and I don’t have a ladder tall enough to fix it.   Getting the gadget over the burnt out bulb wasn’t a problem, neither was unscrewing the bulb, getting it back out once it was unscrewed was a HUGE problem.   I ended up ripping the entire fixture out of the ceiling, but I digress.

The repairman was back a few days later to install the parts for the microwave.   A few days later we had friends over that needed a couple of things fixed and we really like this repairman who left us with a couple of his cards.   We referred him to our friends who had the repairman fix whatever was broken at their house.   Word of mouth referral from us,   Serendipitous Marketing for him.

It happens all the time.   We either refer someone who has done a great job for us or someone is referred to us.

This is the effect of writing blog posts that don’t have anything to do with real estate on a real estate blog.

I write a lot of blog posts about local events going on around town.   I know there are other websites out there with this information, usually it is the event site itself which has the dates, times, and information about the upcoming event.   But they do it in such a way the content is almost never picked up by the search engines.   Lots of times I find all the information displayed in a very pretty graphic on the site.   Search engines can’t read text on graphics, I know you knew that, but for some reason a lot of event sited don’t know it.   I write a simple post about a local event and lots of traffic comes to my blog often starting a week before the event itself. It is not unusual to rank #1 or 2 in Google for searches on those events. Some of those people coming to the site might be looking to buy or sell a house.   Some of them know someone that is thinking about buying or listing their home.

Arizona Covered

Arizona Covered

Late last year I wrote a post about a new law in Arizona where the word Arizona has to be completely visible on the license plate or it is a fine over $150.   I put pictures of what a covered and partially covered word looks like and one with a frame that is legal come January 1, 2009. Once the post was published I put out a “tweet” on Twitter about the post.   It was passed around on Twitter and more traffic came to the blog.   I discovered a link to the post was put in a forum thread about the new law.   More traffic to the blog from the forum thread.

Every post brings more traffic providing another opportunity for serendipitous marketing to have an effect.   Many of the people that eventually become our clients started reading one of our blogs from a search they were doing about something not even real estate related.   They found it interesting a real estate blog would provide them information about community events and what it is like to live in our city.   They comment about how it wasn’t   just statistics and reasons why they should buy or sell their home with us.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Tucson

This week I’ve been asked to be the “official” blogger for Extreme Makeover Home Edition which is here in Tucson for a build this week.   It will be interesting to see the effect of this principle at work.   I’ll be posting on the Tucson blog all week with daily updates on the progress of the project.

It also means I probably won’t have time to do much posting here.   I had set a goal of posting everyday this year.   I did pretty good till I got involved with the Extreme Makeover Tucson project on Friday.   I hope to have time to post a few goodies and insights for you this week.   We shall see.

Serendipitous marketing on a local real estate blog works.     Everyone is involved with Serendipitous Marketing.   It is easier to keep fresh content on your site by writing about other things in your community than just real estate. Put Serendipitous Marketing to work as a part of your marketing strategy for 2009.


  1. Dave, the great blogs you come up with never seem to amaze me.

    I am a long term thinker and your “Serendipitous Marketing” theory goes right along with the way I think. I have started a weekly blog about hidden eateries. Beaufort is a small town and the lack of restaurants is aggravating. Every week I try a new place I have never heard of and write a review. If the food is just unbearable, I go somewhere else and avoid writing a bad review. I now have a weekly following. Thus, I am now working with two customers who contacted me after reading my eatery blogs.

    Also, I have two restaurant owners who have e-mailed me, thanking me for the blogs/reviews and offering free diner. No doubt I have made some new friends in the restaurant business as I have received 3 referrals from local restaurant owners in the past few months.

    My opinion is that Serendipitous Marketing is AT LEAST as good as writing about real estate. When you live in a small town like I do, breaking into the good old boys network is key and this dose the trick.

  2. @Todd Covington – Todd,

    That is a great example of Serendipitous Marketing. I’ve created a Category for Serendipitous Marketing because I’m going to be writing more on this topic in the future.

    You comments fit perfectly with the concept and how to implement it.

  3. All other facets of my marketing bring a certain level of serendipity to the game. I am sure that the more I post the more things will work out for me.

    Keahi Pelayo ´s last blog post..Best Buy In Kahala $1,499,000!

  4. That is great Dave. I never realized that serendipitous marketing was the name for what I have been doing. I was just talking to another real estate blogger about this the other day. We both write about all sorts of community things and generate a ton of traffic from it. See my Comment Luv link as a perfect example.

    I think that local (non real estate) post actually end up generating more comments as well.

    Ryan Martin ´s last blog post..Scotty Browns in Bellingham WA – 3101 Newmarket Street Suite 201