Serendipitous Marketing – Real Estate is Graphic

Pictures, people want to look at pictures. They buy magazines for the pictures. They look at houses on line because of pictures. The more pictures you have of a home in the MLS the quicker it sells.

Choosing where to live is like buying a piece of Art

I have never heard of anyone buying a piece of art based on a description only.   They want to see it.   They want to know if it touches their soul and spirit.   Unless it is for investment (think this applies to real estate?) they want it to be more than a picture on a wall.

I’ve moved a lot of times in my life.   Most of the times I moved it was work related.   Moving to Arizona was a new start in life and my parent were here.   We meet a lot of people getting ready to retire.   They are picking where they want to live.

When you get to choose where you live it is like buying a piece of art.   You want to live somewhere that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

If you are moving for employment reasons, you still want to pick a house, sub-division or neighborhood that fits your lifestyle.   Using images is one of the best ways to provide a sense of what your community is like.

Serendipitous Marketing with Images

Marketing should never be an “all your eggs in one basket” approach.   Anyone trying to build their business with Blogging should be doing more than blogging.   The same is true using Twitter or Active Rain for marketing.   Yes you can get sales and referrals from these, but you should never rely on any one of these for marketing.

Images are the most overlooked tool for marketing

Isn’t this true?   have you spent much time thinking about how images fit in your real estate marketing plan?   Probably not.   Even if you like to “take pictures” you don’t think much about using them as a marketing tool.   But they are a powerful marketing tool.

A Picture Worth a 1000 Words

One of the biggest excuses I hear why agents aren’t blogging “I don’t have time”   The second most heard reason “I don’t know what to write about

Both of these have a mindset that blogging as an agent has to be about the real estate market, marketing condition, real estate statistics, and in general things that take a lot of time to research, graph, and analyze.

Change your mindset.   Stop thinking about Local Real Estate as sales reports and statistics.   Think of Local Real Estate as a place, an experience, even go so far as to consider it “A state of mind”.

Take your camera and start shooting.   The local deli, the dinner, the Dairy Queen, the park, city hall, town square, etc.

Put a picture at the top of a post and write 50 to 100 words about the place and its part in your community.

Title it, add a couple of tag and publish.

You will be amazed what will start to happen.

Local real estate isn’t about facts and figures, it is about conveying a sense of community and showing why someone would want to live in that community.

When you think of real estate as graphic and a sense of place instead of facts and figures you open up a whole new way of marketing real estate.   You add the power of Senendipitous Marketing to your maketing tool box.


  1. Dave,

    I am going to take your advice and attach my camera to my other hip since my cell phone already occupies one. I may look like a gunslinger in the old west.

    You are correct, how many housing reports can you write about. More frequent, slice of life with pictures that require less preparation and provide more updates. Sounds like a winning plan.

    Doug Willis ´s last blog post..Pasadena Real Estate Market Feels January Slump

  2. @Doug Willis – It’s the plan I use. I wear cargo pants a lot : ) camera in pocket. When jeans are the order of the day one pocket is cleared for my Panasonic Lumix TZ5

  3. Dave,

    I am new to this blogging thing and your blog was very informative for me. Thank you for your insight. I will use the information I read here in my blogging along with a picture.

  4. Great post. I read a lot of real estate blogs (I work for a relocation Website), and most of these blogs are entirely devoid of personality and color (literally and figuratively). If I’m looking to move to a new community, I want to learn about what life is like in that community, and nothing does that better than pictures.

  5. I have personally observed that and many of my relatives just purchased homes near to mine. I think there is nothing better than pictures which can demonstrate a house and area nearby.

  6. Shelley Tucci says

    Great analogy, I get the art comparison and plan to start blogging so this puts me in the right direction!

  7. Great article, I would agree that images are often overlooked when marketing. When you are selling aesthetics, you should have something aesthetically pleasing to show the consumer.

  8. My site now has a lot of pages of listings, which is great. I’d put more in, but I’m afraid there would be too many pictures. I’ve been interested in adding onto my site with blog, city information and more, but with the way my site was set up to accommodate the listings, I can’t seem to get anything else to look right.

    On a slightly off note, I bought the most beautiful real estate theme, but when my programmer loaded it in, he could not get it to work. It’s a long story, but the fact is that I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my site more than just property search friendly. I’ve seen some other posts by you that look like they might really help.

  9. Great Article,

    I agree it’s important when marketing a property to also sell the neighbourhood as well, if a potential buyer is sold on a neighbourhood in which your agency is in, it cuts out some other agents in other areas,

    You can never have enough pictures, it gives people something to look at and a feel for what they are looking at buying,

    The more ways you can engage with your potential buyers on an emotion level, specifically online, with tools like professional photography, virtual tours and videos, the longer they will stay interested in your listing.