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This is has become a very useful link for helping mobile browsers quickly return to the top of the site page.

Genesis Return to Top Not Working

To its credit, Studiopress added a short code for return to top several years ago.  However, if you are running any of the new HTML5 “Pro” versions of their themes the return to top no longer works.  The reason being, the link used in the short code was to a Div ID “#wrap” that no longer exists.

I’m surprised they didn’t address this issue when removing the #wrap from their code.  However, there is a great plugin called “Dynamic To Top”  which does a very nice job of taking the site visitor back to the top.

You can see it here on the lab.  Lower right corner when you start to scroll down you will see the circle with the ^ arrow.  I like this simple plugin.  Nothing to configure.  Add it, activate it, Done.

Unless you are a a Genesis User.  In that case I’d recommend you add the Genesis Simple Edits plugin and remove the “[footer-backtotop]” reference.