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REBlogWorld Conference Lift Off October 15, 2009

First, I don’t usually write this kind of post here at the Lab. But I’m writing this one for several reasons.

  • I have to thank Todd Carpenter and Jason Berman for putting together a fantastic conference for REBloggers
  • I need to suck up to both of them because next year (REBlogworld09 October 15, 2009) I want to speak and not mock debate Rich Jacobson (inside joke : )
  • Because this conference tied to BlogWorld itself, it was like putting the chocolate coating over the desert. It made it all so much sweeter.
  • Because I want to let REBloggers know they should start planning and budgeting for next years conference.

Several Times this weekend as the Blogworld conference was winding down I was asked about the best take away I have from the conference. I had to think about this and the real answer to the best take away didn’t come to me till I finally got some sleep last night.

My Greatest Take Away From Blogworld 08

After this conference I realized I’m not a Real Estate Blogger.
I’m a Blogger that writes about real estate.

Till this conference I wouldn’t have made the distinction. Now I understand. I will blog. I am a blogger. it might not always be about real estate but I will always blog.

REBlogWorld 2009

Plan to come: if you are a blogger or thinking about blogging or starting to blog. It is an amazing event and experience. It will energize your blogging. The fellow bloggers you meet, the encouragement you will get is worth the trip. It will fill you well. If your writing/blogging tank is running on fumes, or worse, on empty, this will fill your tank. The ideas, conversation, (parties) will let you network with some bleeding edge bloggers and thinkings in Real Estate today.

Thanks again to Todd and Jason, all the speakers who made the sessions a joy to attend and in my opinion held their weight even as a part of the greater BlogWorld Conference.

Now back to the Lab, where did I put my coat, Oh, Yeah, I live in Tucson we don’t have coats. : )


  1. “…it might not always be about real estate but I will always blog.”

    Now THAT is an attitude I desperately need to adopt.

    Thanks for the inspiration Dave!

    Matt Pellerin – Realtor

    Matt Pellerins last blog post..Scottsdale Events in October 2008

  2. Dave: Well, it wasn’t quite what either of us anticipated, but the upside is that I came away with a tremendous amount of respect for you. Preparing for this ‘debate,’ I spent a considerable amount of time reading your ActiveStrain articles, as well as many of your other blog contributions. Our industry, and the greater blogosphere, is fortunate to have the skilled advice & input of individuals like you who are in the trenches daily, making technology (rubber) meet the road. Thanks for all the helpful (and humorous) suggestions concerning the ActiveRain Outside Blogs. No doubt they will become a better tool because of you!

  3. Rich,

    Thank you. It wasn’t what we anticipated was it LOL. But it turned out to be fine. ActiveStrain was a fun exercise. It is always my goal to give back to the REBlogging community. ActiveStrain was my opportunity to provide some evaluation (while having some fun with my tongue in cheek).

    I’ll be pulling ActiveStrain by this weekend so if there is any content you want for the developers grab it now.

    I hope my evaluations will make Outside blogs an even better part of the Active Rain Community.

    I’m glad we met. I look forward to seeing you again and if I can be of service let me know. Always glad to help out another RE Blogger.

  4. Dave: I think I’ve ‘scraped’ your site sufficiently. We’re good at that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your analysis was extremely helpful, and will help to fuel our improvements. So thanks!

  5. LOL Rich, you crack me up. Well ActiveStrain shouldn’t be a hemorrhoid to AR anymore.

    Wish I had something good to do with that domain name. Wonder if I could sell it to preparation H or the Ex-lax people.


  6. Well, you could probably sell it to or some other AR knock-off. Maybe even try to pawn it off to Greg Swann. He would have lots of fun with it!

  7. Dave รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you are speaking next year and I will be able in the audience. Unfortunately I was not able to make it this year. Wife is pregnant with twins and had to stay home and help with our other seven children.

    Hope to meet you next your experience the energy you did.


  8. Dave – Long day, sorry about the typo! Should of read:
    Hope to meet you next year & experience the energy you did.

  9. Dan in Panama says

    Right now I’m very jealous of you because I had planned to visit Blogworld myself. But then decided not to for specific reasons.

    It is great you learned something and I keep my thumbs crossed for you to be able to speak there next year. If you do, I shall wave to you from the crowd with a red necktie (provided I will be there of course). ๐Ÿ™‚