ReBarCamp Denver Here We Come

I’m off to Denver for REBARCAMP. I’ll be heading out of the desert a couple days early to get a chance to do some photography of something besides cactus, stucco and brown.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends I haven’t seen since REBLOGWORLD in Las Vegas last year.   Meeting some in real life for the first time will be part of what makes the day complete.   Hope to see a few Lab Rats there as well.

I’ll be leading a session there on HDR Processing of photos using Photomatix.

Before and After HDR

Before and After HDR

HDR More an Art Form than a set of Steps

HDR processing isn’t like using Photoshop.   I liken HDR processing to “painting a color picture in a darkroom with only a bit of red light.”

You can’t really see what the finished image is going to look like till you hit “process”   or in this analogy, “flip on the lights”

This is one of the reasons when you read tutorials about how to do HDR processing the instructions are so vague.   Every image is different.   There is no step 1, step 2, step 3, boom you have a great picture.

However, with practice your eye gets trained on what it will look like and you begin to learn if the light is here and the subject is this then these settings should work.   LOL, and sometimes they do.

There are lots of ways to set a mood using HDR. Some prefer the gritty look, some over saturation.   Others the almost watercolor pastel look.   For Real Estate the closer to natural the better.   When someone has to ask “Is that HDR?”   you are getting good real estate images.

There are also lots of way to totally ruin the image and waste a lot of time with little results.   Many people play with HDR and end up frustrated with the results and abandon using the process.

Most of the images here at the lab over the past 6 months have been run through the HDR process.

This is a topic that can’t be covered in a day let alone an hour.   But a lot can be picked up in an hour to jump start anyone wanting to try their hand at HDR processing of their own images.

Photomatix HDR Software

A fully functional copy of Photomatix is available on their site and there is no expiration date.   There is a watermark placed on all images till the program is registered.   You can run a batch process after registration to remove the watermark.   This means play all you want and if you decide to purchase you don’t have to start over processing your images.

Using HDR software is like learning a new skill, it takes time, patience, and practice, practice, and more practice.   You don’t really become an expert at HDR, you become a better student of what can be accomplished.

This is my task, to introduce a few people to possibilities in photo post processing with HDR.


  1. Sounds like a neat and useful piece of software. I will check it out.

    Keahi Pelayo ´s last blog post..When Down Is Up!

  2. Realty Brantford says

    Dave, you’re going to love Denver. Such a great city. How long did it take you to perfect the HDR process?

    Realty Brantford ´s last blog post..Brantford Home Sales to Decline 29 Percent

  3. You never perfect HDR It is like petting a rattlesnake, about the time you think you have it figured out it rattles and bites.

  4. I paid for my Photomix license about a month ago after envying @TBoard photos. I am still lost, but am starting to get a feel for it. I love the heavy saturation for street scenes of all the little towns around me. I have just started shooting listing photos with HDR in mind, so the that process is next for me. I think I would have made the trip to Denver just to get hands on instruction from you on this, oh well maybe next time.

  5. Michelle,

    I think Tboard has helped sell more than one copy of Photomatix. Sorry we won’t see you in Denver. BTW, @Tboard will be here as well.

  6. Just downloaded the software. I think it’s about time I put some extra effort into our listing photos. Thanks Dave, and here’s to a great barcamp. 🙂

    Joe ´s last blog post..Search Kennewick Homes for Sale

  7. The idea is to have them reimaged before they go to mls or idx. And no, LOL you can’t submit someone elses images to have them redone. That is one of the reasons MLS systems have gone to watermarks.

  8. “And no, LOL you can’t submit someone else’s images to have them redone.”

    Darnit. I guess asking for a blog post from you on how to remove the watermark is out of the question? [grins]

    Joe ´s last blog post..$8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit | Housing Stimulus Dollars

  9. In our IDX after you submit the pictures to the database you lose all rights and ownership to those pictures. But alas, that is a subject to dive into another day 🙂

  10. Hope you have a great trip–looking forward to reading the after report.

    Brandon ´s last blog post..Curious about “short sales”?

  11. I have to always say and remind people what HDR. High definition is when you make the image BIGGER and need to have more and better details. It also means better quality, but the main purpose is for bigger images,

    If you compare hd vs digital in a 15 inch monitor, 50% of the people would think that digital is HD.

    HD is for big screen tv’s and they just make images alot brighter, so bright that you should nearly always lower the quality.

    Its still great 😀 GO HD-Tv and everything HD

  12. William,

    I’m not sure what you are talking about, but it has nothing to do with HDR. Maybe I should explain. HDR is High Dynamic Range. It is a process of post processing an image so the full range of shadow and light becomes visible in the final image.

    HDR usually involves a series of exposures from 3 to 9 images combined to make a single image. Those image exposures are spread out from dark to total over exposure to get the range needed to create the optimum exposure.

    It has nothing to do with Television or HD signal. It has nothing to do with making images larger or clearer.

  13. Thanks for coming to Denver Dave. It was such a delight to have you come from so far. I wish I didn’t miss your class. In fact I missed all the classes.

    How dumb is that?

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  14. There is so much news that comes out of the REBARCAMPS, I’ve got to get to one of these!

    Brad Officer ´s last blog post..Home Values Go Up and Down in Jacksonville