Real Estate Weblogging 101

weblogging 101 logo buttonGreg Swann at Bloodhound blog  on June 21, 2007 launched the new blog Real Estate Weblogging 101.

What Greg didn’t realize was he also set in motion an experiment I have been wanting to run here in the lab.

Here is the basis for the experiment:

  1. Setup a new domain name.
  2. Use WordPress as the basis
  3. Instead of Post use Pages
  4. See how the search engines respond

When I say search engines, I’m referring to Google primarily.  

I know from all the various single property sites I’ve set up that if I want that site indexed quickly, I’m talking hours, that process starts with the posts.

I’ve created single property sites and  quickly delete the hello world post and the about page.  By quickly I mean in less than 30 seconds after I’m in for the first time.   Once that is done and the plugins are setup I go about creating pages and publishing those pages.   I don’t worry about them being found before I’m ready for traffic to the site.   It takes a few days to get the site found if it only has pages.

Recently I tried an experiment by actually having the video montage page made the front page while I was getting the post content ready.   That had an interesting effect of getting that page indexed in a day.

I’ve seen it take a week for those pages to get indexed if there were no posts on the blog.

Then Greg came along and created an entire blog of pages.     I think there are three post and all the rest are pages.

Today, July 11, 2007 I ran a site check on the blog in google to see how many pages were indexed, and  how many were in supplemental results.

The site search showed there were 61 pages indexed, of that 59 were in the active index and only 2 pages were in supplemental results.   This might not impress you initially, but I often find that 1/3 of the pages of a site up to 1/2 or more of the pages are in supplemental results.

The two pages were:

  1. An Archive page
  2. A blank page

I don’t think Greg intended for the blank page to be live.

Now the fun continues.   I’ll keep checking this to see when and if these pages begin to go into supplemental results or if they will stay in the active index.

If you are new to real estate blogging and reading this post, please take time to read some if not all of Real Estate Weblogging 101.   Read it a couple of times at various times.   It might not all make sense the first time through but as the learning curve starts to flatten out you will realize what a valuable resource Greg has provided for Real Estate bloggers.

Initially Greg had invited me to add content to the book on setting up WordPress as a Real Estate blogging platform.   I didn’t have such an article and the more I tried to write one I found there was more involved than would fit in a single article.

I’m still in the process of putting together a series to make a chapter on WordPress.   I’m writing this and making it public so it doesn’t become one of those To Do’s that turns into a Never Done.

Greg sent out an email at launch, here is a quote near the end:

Do please feel free to write about this on or after Thursday morning. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to bring them up. I think we’ve made two important accomplishments: We’ve built a practical guide to help would-be real estate webloggers get themselves started. And we have pioneered a new book-publishing medium.

Greg is right in thinking there are two important accomplishments.

Thanks Greg for also building a great site for lab analysis.

I’ll get you those articles on WordPress.

UPDATE Monday July 16

I’ve run the site command each day and it bounces a couple of pages probably due to datacenters.   The result is between 58 and 61 pages in the index.   Still just the two pages in supplemental results.


  1. You are an amazing man!

    I went to delete page 54, but I can’t, so you’ll have it as an experimental subject for a while.

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for the blank page. It was very valuable for this experiment. It illustrates very well that content is King. It has plenty of links and other things on the page. But without content off to supplemental results it goes.

    If you ever add content to page 54 it will be interesting to see if it comes out of supplemental results.

  3. It’s safe for now. I can’t find it through the WP-admin interface. Someday after a back-up I may go after it from myPHPadmin. For now it lives the life of the undead.

  4. Ah, so be it, page 54 goes the way of Car 54, where are you?

    Glad it isn’t too closely associated with area 51 although it is pretty close.

  5. UPDATE: August 4, 2007 I just ran another site command on Google. Page 54 is gone There are 62 pages showing and 0 pages in supplemental results.

    Yes, that is ZERO pages in supplemental results and all pages appear in the index.