Real Estate Marketing and Video Technology

butterfly image“Hi, I know we were coming to town this next weekend, but one of the homes you sent us is really interesting and we see it just came on the market.   Could you go over and take some more photos.   We want to see all the bedrooms and the inside of the kitchen cabinets if you don’t mind.”

Of we went with the camera to the other side of Tucson.   We had the list of photos but I had an idea brewing in the back of my head since doing the Single Property Site Video Display post just a couple of days before.

I took photos of everything just as if we were going to list it ourselves.   Barbara was wondering a little but she knows I love to shot photos and just lets me go since we don’t have to buy film or pay for processing anymore.   I love digital photography.

When we got in the car headed back to the office so she could upload the photos that were requested I bounced this idea off her.  

“Hey, instead of emailing them the photos they asked for, why don’t we put together a video of the whole place.”  
“How long will it take?”  
“I think I can have it ready in about 20 minutes”  
“Okay, let’s try it”

  • I downloaded the photos from the camera
  • Re-sized them and edited some of them (brightness/contrast)
  • Opened Photo Story 3
    • Put the photos in order
    • Use default transitions
    • Create a music theme
    • Save the raw story
    • Export to wmv file
  •  Upload the video to the server
  • Create a page at the Lab called Video Player
  • Put the Coolplayer on the page to play the video

We emailed the clients with the link to the page and we waited.

It didn’t take long.   They loved the video.   They were able to call and have family and friends look at the video.

They called back.

  • We want to make an offer
  • Offer made
  • Counter offer
  • Counter offer accepted
  • Inspection period begins

The single property site I’ve used in the Video Display post mentioned above.

A man calls and says his dad in California would like to see more pictures than are in the MLS or on     “Have your dad go to Google and search on “Macenroe Lane”  the property will come up and he can click on the video montage.”

  • Offer made
  • Counter offer
  • Counter offer accepted
  • Under Contract

All weekend we had agents and callers asking about our listings.   It is very impressive when you say go to Google and search “Pontatoc Canyon” or “Windsong Canyon” or “Sandlewood Rd“.   You will notice Tucson isn’t even mentioned, nor the address.

All 4 of these searches are #1 in Google as I write this post.  

This is using technology to provide quality service to client, both buyers and sellers.  

Do you think this makes getting listings easier?


  1. Dave, very nice Google results! Your sellers must love the SEO results. Yes, videos in single property websites definitely tell the story better than in aggregated sites. Buyers can focus their energies on that particular home video and not worry about the noise from the search. Video tours from stills is a great idea. Especially when you only have to take the pictures once.

  2. Dave – Although I’m not in your side of the business, I can certainly see where it would have impact.

    Thanks again, and great post.

  3. Very impressive. Were these blogs created with WordPress using a Realivent blog? What do you attribute your top ranking in Google to?

  4. John, They were created usinging wordpress. They are not Realivent blogs. The positioning in google has to do with a couple of things. They are a part of our main website which has good authority in google already. Second they are designed specifically for SEO placement, in the total structure of the sites.

    If you read the series I’m posting here on single property websites. I showing everyone how to do it. From selecting hosting, domain names, installing wordpress, setting up the blog. It isn’t that hard to get good google placement of you follow some very simple rules.

    This isn’t saying Realivent blogs aren’t good, but you get more “google juice” if you host them yourself. And I’ve found a few issues with Realivent plugins having code that won’t validate. So I would have to see their entire blog structure. I’ve been very impressed with Realivent and after modifying the code in their plugins I’ve found them to be very useful.