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Comments are Frosting – LEADS are the Main Course

Call To Action ButtonsI can’t tell you how many postings I read on various forums for RE that are focused on getting people to leave comments.  Let me tell you straight up.  Comments are frosting.  You don’t need frosting to survive.  You need LEADS.

I don’t care if anyone ever leaves a comment on my RE blogs.  Quite a few comments I do get come from real estate agents trolling for back-links.  Now and again there is a question from a consumer about a topic.  But I don’t need comments on my site.

Of course I enjoy getting comments, but I don’t NEED comments for my blogs to be a success.

What I do need are people that give their contact information because they want a service we are providing.  Being a real estate site there are RE services which we provide and no they aren’t white paper articles on Selling or Buying a home or market reports to which they can “subscribe”

They are four buttons which I believe should be easily found on every real estate site wanting to capture leads.

Button 1.  Search For Homes

I fought paying for IDX on our site for years.  Finally I gave in biting the bullet and providing IDX search (By Diverse Solutions) on my primary RE site.  It was and is the best $1000 we spend every year.  Does it capture leads.  YES it does.  Do we farm them?  No we don’t, we leave them to search as much as they want without requiring registration.  Do they register?  Oh, yes they do, we have over 1000 registered users searching for their next home.

Why would they register if you don’t require it?  It is the only way they can save their custom searches.  It is like pre-screening your leads.  We used to have 20 free searches then require registration.  I can’t even share some of the email addresses that were given so they could keep on searching.  Let’s just say the or a variation of that or a Disney character were quite common.  Now we only get the names of those that want to save their searches.

Button 2  Home Finder

There are the DIY folks that want to do their own searching, and there are others that don’t have or want to take the time to search.  These “Leads” are people that simply want to input their criteria for a new home and have listings sent by email to them that match their criteria.  A form listing the most common wants and needs with a “Additional Comments:” at the bottom is great for getting leads which are then setup in the MLS with a client portal.

Button 3  What’s My Home Worth?

Those first two buttons are for buyers.  This one is for sellers.  Fill out the form and get a CMA.  Of course we all know you can’t give a complete CMA without seeing the condition and amenities of the property.  But getting potential listing clients to fill out the form is a foot in the door to a potential listing.

Button 4  Relocation Package

Back to buyer; relocation buyers.  These are future leads.  People that aren’t actively looking for a home but are thinking or planning on moving to your location in the future.  Putting together a relocation package is pretty typical, why not offer it on your site.  You send them out anyway.  And when you send the package offer to set them up with a client portal to receive listings to give them an idea of what homes are selling for that match their criteria.

Location, Location, Location

It is true of where you put these buttons as well.  They  should be:

  1. Above the fold (No scrolling to find them).
  2. Probably above all those social media buttons you offer for people to connect on . . .
    You want to connect with them directly not just by SM  Put those buttons first.
  3. Upper Left corner (first choice) upper Right corner (second choice).
  4. Make them prominent, easy to see, BIG is better.

If you don’t have these four buttons where they can be easily clicked you are missing out on lead capture for your site.

Comments are frosting, LEADS are the main course.



  1. A testimonial on the IDX search… we have a buyer right now who is using some other search, and every time he sends us MLS numbers of homes he wants to see, they’ve been under contract or sold, but he sees them as active. We finally convinced him to use our IDX, which is much better, much more accurate and up to date. He was wasting so much time, and now he appreciates it. The point is, buyers are going to search themselves, there are many sites out there they can use. Some of them are inferior. So why not be the source of their information instead of someone else. And while you’re at it, be a good source.

  2. Okay, I have to admit it… I came here “trolling for backlinks” as you put it up there… BUT I actually read your article.. Let me say, I love how blunt you are. When you said: “Comments are frosting” .. you were completely right. I too use IDX listings and now that I see what you know your shit.. I’m going to start following you. You are Spot On Sir..

  3. Currently, I’m only using the “Search for Homes” button. I get a decent amount of traffic to my website but few leads. My call to action is always “Call me today for more information!” which probably isn’t the best either. I’ll have to add these buttons. I’m definitely following you! I, like Aaron Majors, came here trolling for backlinks too 🙂 but my website has benefitted tremendously just from reading just a few of your posts! Thanks!