Real Estate Blog Lab Running WordPress 2.5

Looking Into WordPress 2.5

Looking into WordPress 2.5

What the heck, it is just a hobby blog, right! So I pulled the plug and upgraded to 2.5.

I might even be so bold as to try and add an image to this post. WOW, going out on a limb there hey.

It is different, very different including this editor. First thing I notice after the color change (which you can change back under Users) was the text size in the editor.

For crying out loud is everyone a kid with 20/20 vision. The text in the editor is even smaller than it used to be. I’m wondering how many versions before it is so small anyone over the age of 25 won’t even be able to read what they are trying to write.

Jeez, the screens keep getting high and higher resolution can’t they at least let us old geezers have the option of making the text in the editor larger?

Spellcheck still broken

If you have had issues with the built in spell checker returning errors after an upgrade you will find 2.5 is no different. I’ve abandoned it all together for the Google tool bar spell checker.

Some Quick Observations

Since I just upgraded a few minutes ago I haven’t had time to probe around the new interface much. I’ll write more as I discover broken new things.

I don’t like the way everything is slammed up against the left margin of the screen. I’m running 1280 X 1024 with a lot of space to the right of my screen and everything slammed up against the left side making me feel like I need to move my monitor to get some sense of balance.

The location of familiar things are not familiar anymore. One of the reasons for all the space to the right is much of what used to be there is now under the post writing editor section.

I haven’t seen the autosave yet. I’m guessing this is still active. There is a tag suggestion section down at the bottom of the screen, it appears to look at the post and make suggestions for tags. To bad it doesn’t seem to work. (Autosave now appears under the Save and Publish buttons to the right of the editor) You no longer save and continue, now you save or publish. So save works like Save and Continue used to. I guess you just save and navigate away from the post if you don’t want to publish it yet.

I tried clicking on individual tag suggestions, selecting them all, clicking on Select All, But no tags were added to the post.


Be careful clicking that tag suggestion thing. It didn’t show those tags till I scrolled up to “Tags” and clicked the “Add” button. then about a 100 tags, most repeats showed up. DUH! they don’t show you the tags in the tag line like they used to.

Add Media

This is a new section above the editor tools. I’m not even going to go there in this post.

Finally, Get your reading glasses adjusted, or check your birth certificate for your real age, then get some reading glasses to use this new interface. It is all very small.

And if you think (and say “I can read it fine”) Just wait, your time will come, if you live long enough and can still see from all the years of squinting : )


  1. I look forward to more insights on this upgrade to 2.5 as you come across them. I intend to be doing some updating myself – and would like this one to be a little less of a “security issue – must upgrade now!” like the last version seemed to be with 2.3 and its numerous patches.

  2. Dave;

    Thanks for being the pioneer (read: taking the arrows). I look forward to your insight as you test it out.

    I have about 30 blogs to do, so I don’t want to do it until I am pretty confident that it will work right.



  3. Here’s my question – is it faster (on either the front or back -ends)?

  4. Jim,

    If anything it appears to be slower. I still have to get to another computer to test the load since I’m usually coming to the site from the admin panel.

    But I don’t notice any gain. It is just all different. No new functionality that I would say “Oh Wow, this is so great.”

    Just different. So far it looks like change for the sake of change.

  5. I think I will wait for a while. Thanks for the review!