RE Photographers Get The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography Book

I recently wrote about the Importance of Tagging your photos in a blog post in “Photos and overlooked part of your blog traffic.”

Now I want to talk about taking better digital photos and introduce you to a great book “The Digital Photography Book”.

But first a quick look at what is being said about photography, real estate and blogging in the RE Blog community.

Athol Kay probably has one of the largest collections of bad real estate photos in existence and it is growing every day. I love looking at them, but imagine what he has at the end of the day and megabytes of storage later, lots of bad and very bad photos. Athol is also doing his best to limit the number of submissions through a series of post on taking better photos in his Photos Category. There are other post under this category as well, but all of his stuff on photos is interesting and fun. I just linked to an entire category on a blog. I’ve never done that before.

Teresa Broadman (becoming even more famous after Blogger Connect in SF) has some wonderful photos as examples on her StPaulRealEstateBlog and she give some hints in her interview with Todd Carpenter at Remex. Kris Kraft in Denver has an interesting post also encouraging sellers to have a look at what the listing agent is using for photos to market their home in The Importance of Photos. Athol would have told Kris to make that “The Importance of Good Photos”.

I ran across a book a couple of weeks ago and I really want to recommend it to anyone that wants to take better digital photographs.

I’ve been taking photos since I was 5 years old. My first camera was a brownie box camera. My latest Purchase a Nikon D40.

The arrival of monsoon here in Tucson has already spurred some great sunsets and as I write this I’m reminded to save often as we can hear the thunder rolling outside with an occasional flash of bright light from the lightening.

I know from years of experience behind the camera that no one is ever happy with the results they get. We always want our photos to be better.

Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book” will help you take better photos.

First, Scott is truly a closet comedian. He is funny in a marvelously bent way. I’m glad he didn’t constrain his sense of humor when writing this book. The book is broken down into sections and each section has one page chapters if it is fair to call them chapters. They are gems of photographic insight into how to make your digital photos better.

Scott sets the book up as if we were invited along on photo shoots as one of his buddies. He provides us tips on the various situations and how to set them up. There is no needless filler. There is no dry explanations of shutter speed, ISO, Aperture Priority etc. It is simple down to earth ways to set up and take great shots.

I got mine from You can also get it from Scott’s site:

This is a great handbook. Quick to read, easy to implement and you will take better photos using the information Scott provides in this book.

Once you go to Scott’s site you will quickly realize this guy knows what he is talking about.

He is somewhat of a Macgyver of photography, you don’t have to have an expensive gadget or filter for everything, sometimes a shower curtain from Wal-Mart or a shower cap from your hotel room will do. Once you read the book you will know what I’m talking about.

This is another reason why I like this book, he doesn’t tell you to go out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment to get great photos. Apply what he says to the digital camera you have and you will get better results.

I shot this just a few minutes before writing this post as the storm was approaching using a tip from Scott’s book.

Storm clouds coming Tucson Monsoon

There is a post on Tucson Monsoon Season which has a video montage presentation of clouds and sunsets. What I learned from Scott’s book was invaluable when taking the photos used in the montage.

If you own a digital camera you won’t regret buying this book. Oh, I should probably mention you also have to read it to get better photos, just buying it won’t do the trick.


  1. Thanks once again for the link love. Also for photos it’s worth a peek at Larry Lohrmans blog he’s far deeper into photography than I am.

    I can teach morons to take acceptable photos, Larry is the guy to see to talk about going from acceptable to great.

  2. Athol,

    I’ve looked at Larry’s blog it indeed goes into much greater detail. His blog is geared toward Real Estate Photographers at a level way over most Real Estate Agents taking photos.

    I wanted to include it in the post but couldn’t find the site. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Universos Virtuais says

    I really don ´t know why, but i prefer manual fotos than digital fotos… I think they are more genuine!

    I ´m sorry for the bad english..

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Universos,

    Your English is fine. I’ve shot both for years. I’ll take digital over film anytime. In Real Estate we don’t have time for film, then process, then scan, to get to digital.

    I love the versatility of digital and no more buying bulk film, processing, waiting, waiting, waiting.

    Yep, I’m sold on digital.

  5. I think film does look a little more genuine too, but ditigal just beats it on so many levels of ease of use like Dave says.

    Endlessly or clumsy digital editing does create a sense of “this isn’t real” I think.

  6. Thanks for the tip, and for the mention. I have been looking for such a book.

  7. Hi Dave,
    First of all, thanks for the mention! Recognition is always very nice!
    I agree with your take on Scott Kelby’s book. I have it, in fact I think I have everything Scott has written about digital photography. He’s very entertaining and easy to understand. Buying his book and taking the time to read it would be a good investment for anyone who wants to market homes properly.
    BTW your cloud shot is awesome…I love clouds, they are the every changing scenery that hardly get enough credit.

  8. Kris,

    This post was found by Scott today and he mentioned it on his blog. I’m really glad I found his book.

    I pick it up and read almost every day it is so easy to read a quick chapter. I was thinking today this book is more like a series of blog posts than it is a book.

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  10. Rex,

    I wish I could believe you liked this blog, but I’m finding that hard to believe. WHY? This is a simply a marketing comment that has nothing to do with the post.

    Second, if all you have to say is “I like your blog” you can do that in the contact form not in a comment.

    Third, if you really liked this blog you would read this blog and notice that “IT ALREADY HAS CRITEO AUTOROLL!!!!!!!”

    btw, these kinds of comments usually get spam status right away and flushed. But since I’ve got Criteo Autoroll on almost all my blogs I’ll let this through with the above caveat.

    SO REX, you might want to take a minute before spamming comments on blogs about your product and see if they already support it. Then all you have to say is “Hey, I really like your blog” and not pimp yourself and prostitute a service that really doesn’t need pimping.

  11. Dave,

    Just dropped by and read your comment about Scott Kelby. I never thought about him having a blog, now thanks to you I’ve spent an hour over there perusing…so many blogs so little time.

    You are so right about Scott’s book reading like a blog. It is and I think that is what makes it so appealing to me. I can understand what he is teaching, little bites!

    You are doing a great service to the real estate blogging community here yourself. I’m crusing around absorbing your content…must go now. My new WP platform is awaiting me. It’s my next challenge.

    Thanks, have a great day.

  12. Kristal,

    Thanks, I started the lab in the first place for you. Yep, you! RE Bloggers that want to blog and love to blog and are always looking for information to help them blog.

    Scott’s blog has pulled me in as well. He is on my reader and I really love his posts and writing. He was in AZ this week and got some great photos.

    Come as often as you can. If you can’t find an answer, drop a line. The lab does research as well. Have a great Day

  13. Good property photos are the biggest thing you can do to help sell your property. Think about it. Photos make the 1st impression to potential buyers whether it be in a print add or on a website.

    Learn how to take good photos or hire a professional. It’s so worth it!

  14. That looks like a book I need to get. I find that having a photo album on my site is a great way to give people a visual tour of Austin. I’ve gotten pretty lucky with a lot of photos, but there are days when they everything I photograph just stinks.