RE Bloggers DO NOT Use This Plugin

I ran across this plugin last night in the Latest Updated Plugin section.

Powerfull Blog Post Promoter (PBPP)

This is one plugin you don’t want to use on your real estate blog. Here’s why.

This plugin randomly picks an older post and changes the time stamp on it so it appears as a new post and gets pushed to the top of your blog and sent out again in the RSS feed.

Why is this bad?

Ex.  You wrote a post in 2007 about a current trend in your local market.  There is a very good chance you said things about the market then you would look fooling saying about it today.

But that’s what will happen if you use this plugin.

I can see if you have a blog where the content is not time related this could be beneficial (maybe).  But most of what we post is time related.  That is why I’ve said for years RE Bloggers should display the Date the post was written on each post.

If you are going to recycle a post, do it by hand and update the content so it is timely (for NOW).  But don’t get a plugin to randomly change post date timestamps so you can recycle your content.



  1. There are some blog entries we post every year. Mainly yearly events. We’ve started going back to previously written blog entries and changing the time stamp, and updating the blog entry.

    I can see where the plugin could wreak havoc on a real estate blog.

  2. Joe,

    My annual event posts often rank very high. I place the date in the title Ex. Tucson Air Show 2010.

    Because some people put the year on the search, and because no one wants the schedule for last year’s event.

    So I create a new post each year and link back to the previous posts and forward to the new one. This way if it takes the new one a few days to get indexed they still arrive at the old post in the search results.

    It also shows I have a history of blogging about the event.

    It all depends on how you have structured the title and where you rank in the organics for those posts.

    Great to hear from you. Hope your family is having a great summer.


  3. Hi Dave,
    I also think that this plugin is a really bad idea even for blogs that are not time sensitive. Changing the time stamp on a post once in a while is okay but doing it all the time will really bother RSS readers. Especially if they actually read the blog and keep saying an old articles come up. Thanks for warning us.
    All the best,

  4. I also agree with Eren that I don’t think its a good plugin for most blogs, time sensitive or not. Blogging takes time and a lot of hard work and your readers will know when you try to take the easy way out and automate content. Great tip.

  5. I am very new to WordPress and appreciate you sharing this information!

  6. Hi Dave

    Nice blog you have here. In fact it can pretty much be used by people who wish to start any kinda blog.
    I have just started my blog on my real estate site and was thinking of using some plugins to promote and increase the readability of posts.

    I think a better plugin to be used is the tweet old posts in which the plugin randomly selects a post and tweets it. One of my friends uses that plugin and he has seen traffic increase on his blog.

  7. Matt,

    Increased traffic is never the goal. It is part of the process. I followed one of those tweets of old posts the other day. When I got to the post it was two years old. I clicked right off the post and will never visit that site or follow another one of her tweet links again. Did it increase traffic? Yes, did it raise the bounce rate of the site? Yes. Keep it simple and current.