RE Blog Lab Smoke Everywhere 2.3 WAIT A LITTLE WHILE


Yep, I did it. I upgraded the lab this afternoon and there is debris and smoke everywhere. The kids making these version must never test some of the basic functionality. You would think they were throwing hand grenades and calling it “Close Enough” lets call it a new version.

I call it, lets fix something that isn’t broken and break a bunch of stuff and not tell anyone about it.

I’m still breathing smoke and seeing fire, but I think the fire is coming from me.

It is late and I still don’t have a lot of the answers I need.

I’ll write a full update tomorrow on where I’m at in the process and what is broken SPELLCHECKER again. And what won’t work and where they have now hidden some stuff that was in plain sight before.

I thought I better go ahead and upgrade, glad I started with this lab that if it blows it blows. The real works sites sure won’t be upgraded anytime soon.

More tomorrow. Don’t get impatient and when reading this remember the spell checker is broken AGAIN in this version.


  1. John Lockwood says

    WordPress has a spell checker?

    Perhaps now is a great time to try out Live Writer which now totally rocks ever since you can add an image which only exists on the clipboard.

    Meantime, this also proves you shouldn’t listen to people on your blog. What kind of idiot told you to upgrade, anyway?


    Well, spelling is badd for you.

  2. John,

    Live Writer sounds interesting, can you format the post in it? The work around for the spell checker is the same as before, go back to a 2.0 release and copy the spellchecker directory which should not be necessary.

    Lets see why did I upgrade, Oh, yeah, its the lab. If we can’t use UTW or Tags in the Head then we need to find a way to get them.

    I’m onto a plugging that might do the trick.
    and yep I can’t spell.

    While looking for the spellcheck solution I tried the built in one on FF and it works fine.

    More updates soon.

    John you crack me up.

    Now it is on to finding Technorati tag support and Meta tag support. And we should be close to the same functionality we all had BEFORE THE UPGRADE

  3. 2.3…hmmm…stands for 2 steps forward and 3 steps back?

    Important thing about upgrades is that they all have a FEW issues. Main idea is that the benefits outweigh the issues. Anybody want to make that case here? (Seriously–I’d be inteerested..)



  4. Eric,

    Exactly my point. I’d go so far as to say 4 steps back.

    I’ve spent all day working on getting back the functionality I had before the upgrade. I haven’t found a single new thing added that makes this upgrade worth the effort.

  5. Having moved from Blogger to WordPress six months ago I have to say I was just distgusted with the WordPress editor. If I hadn’t started on Blogjet to publish I would have simply gone back to Blogger.

  6. How would you compare wordpress to moveable type. I have moveable type and while it works I still have issues with it. Actually if you had a full fledged post comparing the two that would be pretty cool.

  7. I’ve never done anything with moveable type blogs. I’ll see if I can get someone to write a post comparing the two platforms.

  8. use the spell checker in firefox.

  9. T,

    I thought about that as I was searching for an answer. I have FF and I know there is supposed to be a spell checker. But I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack and I can’t find spell check on any of the menu selections.

    I can’t find any documentation on the FF Help menu, type in spell and it returns “”

    For those of us that don’t click, click, click, oh there it is. Where is the spell check in FF?

    This is an open question not just to T : )

  10. Hey Dave;

    Install the Google toolbar on FF. Go to View. Select Toolbars and then Google. (Make sure it is checked). and you should find the little green “check” icon on the G toolbar. Works really well, but your point is still well made about the fact that we need to use the term “upgrade” loosely.


  11. So, Spell check isn’t native to FF. You have to activate a toolbar.

    So is it really in firefox, or is it a part of Google?

    I see it. I never look at that toolbar except the PR that’s the only reason I even keep it activated. Never have clicked on any of the other stuff on that bar.

    If I can’t read about it, I just don’t click it.

    Probably one of the least curious people in the world. Now I see a bunch of stuff on that line. . . .

  12. @LateNightAustin–While I have never created my own Moveable Type Blog, I have tried to SEO (my specialty) different blogging platforms and to date WordPress is the unquestioned leader.

    The why is a bit technical and I am sure a few would take me on about it, but suffice it to say:

    If you stuck me in a town and said, “you have to get to the top of Google for XYZ competitive search phrase and you can only work with one blogging platform, it would be WP–hands down. JMO


  13. Dave-
    I am on 2.2.2 right now. I am planning to change hosting companies. I am considering installing 2.3 (or 2.4) at the new hosting site, getting all the plug-ins installed and the theme tweaked and them simply exporting the content from the old site and then importing it into the new site (via WP).

    When I was a geek in a former life, it was always easier to buy a new server with the new OS and apps software than to do an in-place upgrade.

    Any thoughts?