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I recently had a client wondering about being able to receive SMS text messages from her blog. A few years ago I had plugin that I tested for a few minutes on our main site (but Barbara didn’t want to risk (spam) messages coming to her phone all day, so I removed it and forgot it till the other day.

The plugin I used at that time is no longer supported. But Quick SMS is available and it seems to work pretty well. I’ve got it installed on the Tucson Tired site. I tested it myself and last night I had someone send a text as a comment on a post. That was when I found out the one caveat about using the plugin. It doesn’t have any way of capturing the sender’s number since the text is coming from your site.

If you want to be able to respond to the text messages you will need to include a text box under the plugin widget to indicate they need to include their number if they want a response.

Configuring Quick SMS

There isn’t much to the settings page.   Pick your network and enter your phone number where you want the text messages to be sent.   But there are a couple things you need to set for formatting purposes.

1.   Where you see the message coming from: %BlogTitle%   simply add two spaces after the last % sign.   It will keep the message from being slammed up against the blog title when it arrives.

2.   Set the columns and rows.   I found 40 columns and 3 rows works pretty well on my TwentyTen child theme.   If you leave it at 0 0 you will have a very narrow and strange looking text entry area in your sidebar.

3. The last step is to add the Quick SMS widget to your sidebar.

If you want potential clients to be able to text you from your site, this little plugin just might be for you.   Find it by searching for Quick SMS.

Is anyone using SMS on their site?
Do you have a better plugin for this functionality?
Would you use SMS on your site?


  1. Very cool Dave.. I can see how this could be very, very useful. Having an input for their number is ideal for getting back to people ASAP.

  2. pretty cool tool but I think it lacks in execution….What I have found is that people, users, clients, whatever you want to call it, like everything to be done for them. They want to write a message a click send and they want everything to be magically done! Having them type in their contact information after the fact defeats the purpose. do you know if they are working on any new plugins that may solve that problem….it’s a great idea…just needs some work.

  3. Robert,

    Stop and think about it for a second. They aren’t sending the text from their phone. They are sending it from your site. There is no way to get their phone number, none. No plugin invented or yet to be invented will ever grab their contact information out of nowhere.

    That’s why you can’t have an SMS form on site that doesn’t ask for how to get back to them. It is the same with comments or email. If someone fills out a form but doesn’t leave an email or site address, there is no way to know who they are.


  4. Dave,

    I totally get it and you’re right…it would be impossible to get that information out of thin air! I guess there are positive and negative features about this plug in. One positive being that only the most motivated users will their information for a return call, so that is a great way to weed out the inquiries you get!