Publish, Take it back, So You think

I was testing the CMA plugin from Realivent last week.   I put a page up on the Tucson Real Estate in The News with the CMA plugin on it.   The page was supposed to have an introductory paragraph about the CMA, but when  I published the page it wasn’t there.

I didn’t have time to look at the code and fix the issue, so I simply set the page back to draft so it wouldn’t show up on the blog.   I figured I’d get around to fixing the plugin this past week.   I didn’t.

I like Realivent plugins, but I have one complaint.   I wish they would make their code W3C compliant.   From what I’ve found and fixed on my site it isn’t hard, just old style coding like:

$message = '<B>Request for a CMA</b>';
 $message .= '<BR><strong>Full Name: </strong> ' . $name;
 $message .= '<BR><strong>Email: </strong> ' . $email;
 $message .= '<BR><strong>Daytime Phone: </strong> ' . $phone_day;
 $message .= '<BR><strong>Evening Phone: </strong> ' . $phone_night;

Here is the point. I was on the blog and did a search for CMA to find out where it was mentioned and up popped the CMA Page, that is currently in “Draft” mode.

It appears if you once publish, even if you have set it back to draft, it can be searched and viewed on your blog.


  1. One thing is for sure. You have to be careful what you write on the internet. Once it is out there it is pretty tough to take back.

  2. It has caused me to take a completely different approach to testing. I’ve got a special test site that won’t go to the internet for that kind of thing now.

  3. Very strange. I was using this method of creating a draft and linking to it’s url. It worked great because I didn’t have to show the page in my menu. But for some reason now I am getting a 404 error when I try to access the url? Any ideas to why?
    .-= Derek´s last blog ..Digital Portrait & Body Painting =-.

  4. Derek,

    It’s a preview temporary url. You can reference it while it is active in the editor, sometimes even afterward till the browser is closed. But it is 404. Till the post is published, it doesn’t exist and when the post isn’t in the editor the preview doesn’t exist either.


  5. Thanks Dave,

    Yes, I came to that realization last night unfortunately. Strangly enough there seems to be quite a few blogs online claiming that the “save as draft” is a solution. An alternative solution seems to be to adding an “exclude” command for the pages not needing to appear in the menu of a site.
    .-= Derek´s last blog ..Digital Portrait & Body Painting =-.


  1. […] Write the page as Draft. This will hide the page from the list of pages in the menu but you can still access the page by search, and the page will be accessible if you type the direct URL to the page. I use this method a lot to provide pages when I do not want them in the menu. I like horizontal menus for my blogs, and if you add too many pages, your menus might start looking bad.Example of hiding with a draft: Real Estate Blog Lab […]