Prevent Your Comments From Looking Like Spam

Sparrow On Wire

It looks like a sparrow, yes it is a sparrow

I know that some blogs don’t like it if you put links in your comments. As a general rule I don’t like it either, with this exception.

“When a link contributes to the discussion” it is good to add a link. When it tries to “hijack” the discussion, it isn’t a good link.

When a person leaves a comment and references “their blog” or experience with a certain plugin or feature provide a link. If the only link in the comment is the one fill in when leaving a comment “and it isn’t even a blog site” It looks like a spam comment.

Trust me, many of us moderating our comments will click in the site link before we approve the comment.   No bad neighborhoods are going to be approved.   If it sets off my spyware or virus alarm saying “We prevented you from opening this site”   It won’t be approved.

If I find the site is not a WP blog and it specifically mentions not having issue with . . .   It has a 50/50 chance (flip of the coin).

Half the time I’ll throw it in the spam filter and send it off to Askimet

The other half of the time.   I’ll delete the URL (no link back) and put the Can Spam Award in the comment.

Therefore,   if a link (URL) adds to the discussion or clarifies a point you are making it is ok to go ahead and put a URL in your site field above the comment that isn’t the one related to the post and put a link in the comment to the blog.

If that site no longer exists or for some reason you don’t want to provide a link say so.   It will help your comment make it through moderation instead of risking the flip of a coin mentioned above.


  1. Lol, I love the idea of deleting the link back and giving the offending comment a spam award, although typically I just delete the bad comments or report it as spam. On a side note I recently switched from WP to WPMU and I’m being bombarded with spam comments, registrations and blogs.. Any ideas how to prevent this?
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