Powerset for Real Estate Bloggers

powerset websiteCalling all Real Estate bloggers, especially the Geeks. Here is your chance to be in on the ground floor of cutting edge technology in Search Engines.

You can sign-up to be one of the first RE bloggers to enter the Powerset Labs. Meaning, you are an alpha or beta tester.

I just signed up myself. Here is the first email after confirmation I was a real human and not a Google spybot : )


Welcome to Powerset Labs, , a community where you can use early versions of our technology, provide feedback, and contribute to making our search engine and products better.

Due to extremely high demand to try out our technology, we’re letting users into the community slowly to make sure that everyone has a great experience and that the community builds organically. I ask you to be patient with us and expect an invite in the near future.

Right now, Powerset has released two technology demonstrations in Powerset Labs. Unlike other search engines that index keywords, Powerset does a deep linguistic analysis on every sentence it reads. We extract and index facts about each sentence in each page, making our index the first truly robust semantic index of the web. These applications show off the power of the index we’ve built. You can read more about these applications in our blog post (http://blog.powerset.com/2007/9/17/powerset-launches-powerset-labs-at-techcrunch40).

The Powerset blog post is very interesting reading.   Take a look then you decide. . .

Are you a RE blogging geek at heart? You might just want to check out Powerset.com


  1. I signed up a couple months ago. I’m really anxious to see how it works.

    I have a feeling that all the folks who have been writing keyword rich posts are going to be in for a rude surprise.

  2. Natural language is IMO going to be one of the next areas of emphasis for search. I also signed up because I think it is an awesome way to understand where technology stands right now in terms of (commercially) what is natural and what is not.

    The problem with relying (solely) on onpage optimization is that all you have to do is mimic (read: steal, boost, pirate, spin, et al) that site and you get those results. Hence, I think off page optimization will always be a part of the mix in one form or another.

    I do think that they are making a step in the right direction. Interesting stuff.


  3. Very interesting. I noticed that you don’t have the Blog Rush widget on your site. That has really helped me as a newbie to beef up traffic. If you’re interested you can check out my site and at the bottom of the widget is a place to click that will take you to where you can see a short video and sign up if you want.

  4. Not to sound completely ignorant/naive, do these persons have the staying power and financial backing to take on google?

    I read somewhere that google was hiring natural language persons – so I would only assume they would start adjusting their search algorithms at some point to take into account natural language.

    Regardless, it does sound interesting and I may check it out.

    Do you have to be a “geek” – or can a normal person be a part of the testing as well? [How involved is the testing? Is it just searches? or is it involve doing more technical stuff?]

  5. Malok,

    I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you but making the statement

    “Regardless, it does sound interesting and I may check it out.”

    You are already a geek.

  6. Scoot,

    I’ve seen blogrush around, but have to agree with Pat Kitano on this one. I have the Criteo autoroll on here as an experiement, but wonder how many of these types of plugins start to increase page load time.

    Pat’s post about Blogrush

  7. “You are already a geek.”

    Hey – no fair! 😛

    I have a decent technical ability and interest as a general rule, I am just lacking in the experience department as it relates to certain technology aspects like coding, and the jargon associated therein. (My only real exposure to most of it is through Eric Blackwell, and what I’ve read posted by fine persons such as yourself.)

    Does the testing require you to “download” anything? or is it just hopping on and typing various searches?
    [Basically am wanting to know if its a Alpha or Beta download, I want to be sure to use my old throw away computer instead of the one I rely on.]

  8. Malok,

    I don’t have access yet. I don’t think there will be anything to download. It is a site like going to google that will let you use the search engine.

    Probably alpha, might be considered beta, but it is (as I understand it) just a website you will be able to log into and do searches and report on results, but that is just a guess.

    Not like being a beta tester for something like Word that might crash your system and wipe out your HD.

    If it requires any download etc. I won’t be participating. I’m not the kind of geek that likes to spend all his time reformatting the HD and laying down windows and all the programs and calling it a weekend.

  9. I drank the Koolaid.

    Am all signed up, and confirmed my email. Now I wait. 🙂

  10. Looks pretty interesting, Ill also give it a try.

  11. You may be right about Blog rush slowing us down. For me though there isn’t much on my site to slow me down yet.
    Malok – it’s good to be a geek. Geeks will inherit the earth.