1. Dave,

    You really got me thinking about the All-in-One SEO plug-in, which by the way I agree is another MUST HAVE plug-in for WP.

    Besides your advice on the “Use no-index for Tag Archives” can you give us a quick run-down on what you think should be checked (or un-checked) in that plug-in’s settings? I think most users (myself included) just leave the setting as-is when it’s installed because we don’t know what they mean. Consequently, we may be missing out on all of the power of this great plug-in.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  2. @Chuck Gillooley – WOW that’s a tall order. One I’ll have to address in a post of its own.

    Some of those settings are personal preference and how you want your blog to function. Some of them I’m not sure of myself. I’ve made some changes over the past year again based on my personal preferences.

    For example I used to have my archive pages indexed but one day decided to keep them from being indexed.

    Okay, I’ll write that post hopefully tomorrow and go through my reasoning for each setting. Holy Cow Pastures that’s going to be a long post.


  3. @Dave Smith – Dave,

    That’s why you’re the king of WP in my book! Don’t kill yourself explaining every detail — but the advice you gave in just one sentence today was HUGE.

    Thanks again for all of your help!


    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog gives you a peek inside…

    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog gives you a peek inside…

  4. Tags are a great way of helping your readers sort through your posts.

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  5. I would like to see a post about the best practices for tagging articles in a real estate blog. Is it best to tag with geographic locations, pick your 10 best keywords and make those your tags or go free form and make it up per post? Would love to read your thoughts and maybe some examples as to what you think works best.

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  6. Great Post. I like others you mentioned, have not taken the time to tag my blog post. After I read this post I started tagging and it dose look like it make a difference. Tags are a lot like building links as overkill hurts the effect. I used to build 4-7 links in a blog and 5-8 tags. After reading that Google recognizes manipulation, a light bulb came on. Google cannot be fooled. Do accurate blog, links and tags, and everything else takes care of itself. Once people learn that there is no way to truly manipulate soe, they figure out what most of us have learned… Hard, smart work is the only way to win the seo war.

  7. @Brad Nix – Brad, I use a Web or Net approach. Not as in the internet or world wide web, but as a spider or a fisherman.

    I’ve covered most of this scattered all around the Lab. I’ll pull it together and create a post tomorrow or the next day.

    Here is a teaser for you. I do all of the ones you mentioned as a complete strategy for tagging my RE blogs.