PodCampAZ Day 2

PodCampAZ Day 2

PodCampAZ Day 2

I’ve never been involved with podcasting either audio or video. I bought a flip video about four months ago and even turned it on a couple of times. I made a short video of my Dad in the hospital so my little sister could see he wasn’t going to die. He didn’t. After that it sat on a shelf with no idea what to do with it. About two weeks ago I gave it to my son so he could make videos of the kids.

I’ve never had an ipod and the only apple related items in my house are golden delicious. I don’t listen to the radio except for NPR. The whole idea of podcasting has been one of a kid growing up and throwing dried up bean pods in the furrow to be plowed under. There you have it, my entire limited understanding of podcasting.

Yesterday was interesting as I attended my first podcampaz. It is like trying to put together a puzzle without a picture and all the pieces are on the table but the lights are out in the room. Picking up pieces and feeling them in the dark with no idea what you are feeling and have no idea how it fits in the picture of PodCasting.

For me it is an hour and a half drive up to Phoenix from Tucson. Obligations in Tucson, dinner at Zinburger, has me commuting each day to PodCampAZ.

I was up and on the road this morning by 6 am. well before the sun was up. As I got to Toltec the first McDonalds appeared on the horizon and the sun was just about to peek over the mountain top.

The day is filled with promise and I hope at some point some of the lights come on and at least an idea of what the picture looks like will begin to form some image or shape in my mind.


  1. Dave–
    It was a pleasure meeting you Saturday at podcampaz and look forward to reading up on your blogs. What little I do with tinkering with podcasting, I find it an interesting medium to learn and offer to readers. No doubt you will figure it out and jump right in. Have a great day 2.. at podcampaz

    Candace Robinsons last blog post..Is Your Credit Score Scary?

  2. Candace,

    Great to meet you as well. It is an interesting medium. Day 2 is great as well and the fog is thinner today.

    Next year, should be interesting in looking back to this weekend.

  3. Dave-

    It was great meeting you in person. Somehow we didn’t get much time to chat, which was unfortunate.

    And like you, while I’ve done very little with audio and video, there was SOOO much more to PodCampAZ that it was packed with mucho goodness.

    Steve Belts last blog post..Arizona Mortgage Rates October 31, 2008

  4. Steve,

    It was great to meet you and I wish we would have had more time. I’m going to be back in PHX this month to speak at the next meetup. Not sure of the date some where around the 19th – 21st. Hope to see you there.

  5. Barring something unforeseen, I’ll be at the next AZREBN meet-up.

  6. Dave,

    First off, Fuji apples are a lot better than Red or Golden delicious. Check them out. Secondly, I understand what you are talking about with the darkness and the puzzle. My own analogy dealing with that is about my Father’s garage and tool collection. He has tools and ladders he hasn’t used in YEARS, but you never know when you might need THAT exact tool. Having the training to use that tool only seems logical as well.

  7. Scott,

    LOL, you thought I ate the the apples? Never, they are just for looks. Yes, Fuji are what the girls have in the fridge. Me, I don’t eat apples. To much sugar.

  8. Come on Dave apples are great. And the sugars are fructose which does not metabolize nearly as fast as glucose therefore less likely to be stored as fat. I think you should give an apple a chance. JK

  9. James,

    LOL, I’m diabetic, apples blow me out of the water on blood sugars, fructose or not. Protein is about the only thing that helps keep the blood sugars down and under control. But apples look nice. : )

  10. Whatever Atkins man I see how you are play the diabetic card. A real man isn’t afraid of an apple. JK

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