Plugin Memorandum

Have you even installed a couple of plugins and for some reason not check to see what the effect might have been on your site?  It happens, especially if those plugins are admin site plugins (meaning they don’t add anything to the front end of the site).  You also found half a dozen plugins that had updates so you updated them.  Good, nice to have things up to date and cleaned up.

You go on your way and find a couple others you want to try out as well.You found half a dozen plugins that had updates so you updated them

Maybe a week goes buy and one day you notice something doesn’t look right.  Oh, something is missing. Or you find something funny out in the margins or at the foot of your site.  Where did that come from?  It must be a plugin, but which one?

Date Installed On Plugins

One thing I’ve been wanting for a long time is to have the date installed somewhere on the plugin screen.  Better yet, I’d like to be able to sort the plugins by date installed/updated.  This would let me do a better job of debugging what went wrong.  As it is now I’m left trying to remember which were added, which were updated and I start deactivating and testing.

Plugin Memorandum

A new plugin showed up on the dashboard today and it isn’t what I wanted but for the time being it is better than nothing.  It lets me put a memo on the plugin screen under the plugin.  I can now add a date activated or updated.  Leave notes about the configuration or anything about this plugin I want to remember for future reference.