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Which one Was First Who is in Conflict

Some where along the line I installed something (probably a plugin) that caused the commentluv plugin to stop working. I have a hunch it is the same thing that is keeping the twitID plugin from working.

I would really like to be able to see when I installed plugins or when they were updated. This would make it a lot easier trying to find the conflicts.

I installed one a couple of days ago which created a conflict with the anti-spam plugin. I ended up having to remove the new plugin allowing for more formatting of comments because of the conflict. It wouldn’t allow any comments. So much for good formatting if you can’t get your comment past the anti spam word.

This is one of the most difficult issues when installing new plugins. As the admin logged into the blog I never see or have to use the anti-spam entry system.

Therefore, if you see anything at the Lab that isn’t functioning would you please contact me and let me know. As most of you know I try a lot of plugins here and I don’t have the time to check every function of the blog every time, especially by logging out and running tests both ways.

If it weren’t for Jeff in Hawaii letting me know about the conflict I would just be wondering why the comments suddenly fell off. Thanks Jeff.


  1. Sometimes I’m naive, but it hadn’t occurred to me that commenting would be THAT greatly affected by no love, but I just learned something new. Also, where is your contact form??? I wrote about that before because I frequently send people a quick heads up if something is acting weird on their blog, but if no contact form, no love….

  2. Trace,

    Two separate issues.
    The commentlov not being installed didn’t effect commenting. That is simply a bonus.

    What effected commenting was the conflicting plugins which had this effect: when you filled in the anti_spam word and clicked submit comment nothing happened. No comments could get through; that is a bad thing

  3. The contact form is in the sidebar under pages

    I think I’ll work on making it more obvious.

  4. Yeah… about that sidebar…. 🙂 I always look to the upper right hand corner for contact info….. I see your form now that you pointed it out….

  5. Trace I added a link to the form in the upper right hand corner : )

  6. Did you figure out what plugins caused the problem?

  7. If someone had not told you that the plugin was messing up your commenting, would there have been a way to find out? I would hate to have plugins messing each other up and not know…

  8. When you find out what plugins are causing the problem together, is there a place you can go to report the conflicts so that info can be shared with other wordpress users? I would hate to download them and not realize they are messing up other plugins.

  9. Dang, that stinks that some plugins might affect other plugins! I too would like to know which ones were at fault, thanks!

  10. Leon,

    It happens all the time. But as far as I know there isn’t anyplace to report it. There is a forum at wordpress itself, but in the past I have found it very difficult to find information.

    There have been so many updates to wordpress it self and so many changes needed by plugin authors that it is one of the weak points in WordPress.

    One of the places it gets reported is here in the lab. Unfortunately this time it is the lab that is the lab rat.

    In the past I’ve found it wasn’t a conflict in Plugins but an upgrade to a plugin that went wrong. Sometimes it is a plugin up date that has to be done manually, but there isn’t anyway to know this and it will still show up under automatic update and then it creates an error that causes the plugin to fail.

    There are a lot of variables.

  11. Bobbie,

    No, there isn’t any way to find out besides someone reporting there is an issue.


    Dang, it does stink : )


    No, I’ve spent hours trying to track it down and I’m no closer at all into figuring out why I can’t get the commentluv plugin to work.

  12. @Lenda Goudling-Cary NC Realtor – I found it.

    It is the Lightbox JS plugin It took a couple of hours and it is almost tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I will find a replacement for that plugin.

  13. Thanks for sharing the plugin that messed up, that is too bad there isn’t a place to report the bad plugins to wordpress!

    Meg Zoller-Houston Realtor ´s last blog post..Houston Realtor Defined!

  14. Man, that stinks you were the “guinea pig” so to say for these plugins that messed each other up-thanks for sharing the news though so we can all keep an eye on our plugins!

    Scott Patterson-South Florida Realtor ´s last blog post..Porto-Vita Aventura Florida

  15. @Scott Patterson-South Florida Realtor – Turns out I wasn’t the guinea pig I was my own worst enemy.

    I hate it when that happens. It was the lightbox plugin that didn’t make the move to 2.7 and I didn’t check the computability list before I did the upgrade.

    As they say “My Bad”