Permalinks Moved Permanently

WordPress New Permalink Option – Post Name

One of the changes in a recent WP release was a new permalink option.  It used to be that if you wanted the Post Name as the permalink structure you would enter that in the Custom Permalink field as /%postname%/

Now that option is available as a selection just above the custom option field.

I Want to update my Permalink Structure

Four years ago the SEO experts (you know an expert is a has been drip, right) were recommending including keywords for your category names then using a permalink structure of


Probably good advise at the time, however, times change and the move toward shorter permalinks happened a couple of years ago.  Therefore, for the past couple of years every new site I setup I use the /%postname%/ structure.

I’ve always wanted to go back and update my older sites to use this simpler structure, but didn’t want to deal with having to create a 301 redirect for all my content and wait for it to be re-indexed with the new structure.

I’ve seen plugins like Redirection which can be fine for one or two redirects, but honestly for one or two I prefer to do it in the .htaccess file and not use a plugin.  And if you don’t use Redirection correctly you can really screw up your site.

Permalinks Moved Permanently

This little plugin is perfect for this situation.  It intercepts a request coming from the search engines to the old permalink and redirects the visitor to the new one while letting the search engines know this is a 301 permanent redirect.

Nothing to do but install the plugin and activate.

Go change your permalink structure and that’s it.  Now just wait for the new permalinks to be indexed.  After a few months you shouldn’t even need the plugin active on your site.

For the Paranoid

I say this as one of the Paranoid.  If you want to verify this, run a site search in Google and page through till you come to a post showing the old permalink.  Click on it.  You should be taken to the post and it should show the new permalink structure in the address bar.

How to do a site search

For anyone new at doing site searches:

Open Google and enter in the search field   The results will show you how many pages/post you have in the google index.

Have you been putting off updating your Permalink Structure?


  1. Yes, the lab was using the old structure of category postname. I’ve updated that to postname.


  2. This post comes in good timing for me. I am a a real estate agent currently struggling between using a /community-real-estate/ or /community-homes-for-sale/ structure. Will it make much of a difference?

  3. Daniel,

    The best structure is postname. That is the structure you are currently using on your sandiegohomefinder. I’d stick with it.


  4. I’ve been wanting to shorten the permalinks on my blog for ages but haven’t had the time to redirect each page individually. Am going to give this a try and see if it works like I think it will. Thanks so much!