The Hidden Value of IDX on Your Site

This post is short and sweat.  Here is the hidden value of having and IDX solution that keep your visitors on your site.  Bounce Rate. Another way of putting it, Real Estate Porn.  I a session at BlogWorld a couple of years ago about travel blogging, the speaker called it travel porn. Travel porn is […]

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What Kind of Site Do You Have?

Fish Art

This is one of the most significant questions you need to keep in mind at ALL times.  It is the first question I ask of potential clients.  The answer determines what kind of site and functionality we build into it. Let’s take this site.  The Real Estate Blog Lab.  What are they keywords I’m trying […]

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Real Estate Blogging – Call to Action

Call To Action Buttons

Comments are Frosting – LEADS are the Main Course I can’t tell you how many postings I read on various forums for RE that are focused on getting people to leave comments.  Let me tell you straight up.  Comments are frosting.  You don’t need frosting to survive.  You need LEADS. I don’t care if anyone […]

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P3 Plugin Profiler

Google the Game I’m sure there are a couple of you reading this have played a video game or two.  You have probably played a racing game or some kind of combat game where you had so many credits to work with and you had to outfit yourself with those credits. Well, Google has/is changing […]

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Changing Hosting Companies – Don’t forget the email

Where’d My Email Go? I migrate a lot of WordPress sites in a year.  I’m guessing between 70 or 80 sites in the last year.  Most of those from one hosting company to another. One thing often overlooked are email accounts.  Yes, your domain email account is setup in the hosting account.  No matter how […]

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Plugin Memorandum

Have you even installed a couple of plugins and for some reason not check to see what the effect might have been on your site?  It happens, especially if those plugins are admin site plugins (meaning they don’t add anything to the front end of the site).  You also found half a dozen plugins that […]

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