P3 Plugin Profiler

Google the Game

I’m sure there are a couple of you reading this have played a video game or two.  You have probably played a racing game or some kind of combat game where you had so many credits to work with and you had to outfit yourself with those credits.

Well, Google has/is changing the rules of the game.  They now give us a 100 point scoring system. We get those 1o0 points to work with and spend wisely.  The ones that will keep their site closer to the 100 will rank higher.

P3 Plugin Profiler

Let’s face it, one of the things we all love about WordPress are the plugins.  We can use plugins to change and shape our site into a lot of different configurations to present our content.  Need an event scheduler, calendar, slider (don’t get me started on sliders) gallery, you name it and you can find a plugin.

But plugins can be very expensive in terms of points.  They can slow our page load time down significantly impacting our overall score on the Google 100 point system.

So we have to choose wisely.  Asking these question for each and every plugin.

  1. Do I have plugins activated that I’m not using?
  2. Do I really need this plugin for my site?
  3. Is there a way I can do this without a plugin?

If you have activated plugins you aren’t using, deactivate them;  better yet, delete them.  You can always install them again later if you decide you need them.

I have used some plugins that I really liked.  Design Chemicals Jquery Accordion Menu comes to mind.  I like that plugin and how tidy it makes my sidebar menus appear on site.  But there is a very large overhead to using them.  So on most sites, I don’t

You have toe weigh the advantages over the weight a plugins adds in Page Load Time and impact on your 100 points with Google.

Sometimes we have plugins for convenience.  You would rather just type in a shortcode than use the embed code.  But at what cost?

Now we have a tool that will help you determine the cost.  Yes, it is another plugin.  But you don’t have to keep it active all the time.  And it isn’t loaded when you site is viewed.

Below are two screenshots taken after running a scan of active plugins.

Notice on this first one that the Woopra Plugin for analytics is a hog.  In the second shot you will see how the site performed without that plugin activated.

With Woopra Plugin Deactivated

Do I have to give up Woopra analytics?  No, I simply need to copy the analytics script to the theme footer after my Google Analytics tracking script.  It was just easier to use the plugin.

The P3 Plugin Profiler is a great tool to help you decide which plugins you want or need and which ones you can give up and turn off.

You get 100 points, use them wisely.

Oh, and the reason the charts don’t lightbox like they used to, I turned it off, it wasn’t worth the price in page load time.  I’m searching for a light weight lightbox plugin now.