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Oro Valley SignThis is the first post of three tied to the creation of Oro Valley Real Estate and associated with this post  Oro Valley Real Estate Blog Lives.

Google Juice

Google Juice is addictive. For those of you that have never experience it and those that wonder what Google Juice is I’ll explain.

  • The older your site
  • The more content you have indexed
  • The more incoming links
  • The higher the PageRank

The More Juice.  

Juice translates into:

  • Quicker indexing of pages and post
  • Quicker Page one placement for many search terms
  • More people finding your content

Google Juice is Highly Addictive.

Do you know what it is like to write a post and in a single day have it appear on page 1 of Google, maybe even be in the first place on the page?   I remember the first time that happened I printed off the screen-shot and kept it on my desk as a motivator.

Once I started the Tucson Real Estate in The News blog, it became a common occurrence to be at the top of page 1 in Google searches.   Create a Post, Ping, in minutes I see it on BlogSearch Google, in a day on regular Google.   It is very addicting.

But my question was “What if something should happen to the main site?”   If the server goes down, if the hosting package is corrupted, where am I?

Second question “How long will it take to get a brand new site (blog)  with new hosting up and ranking in Google?”

Those two questions pushed me host this site separate.  

The addict in me won’t let me sleep at night.   It barely lets me work during the day.   I second guess this decision several times each hour of the day.

Like an addict I have to fight myself not to give in and move the whole thing back under the wing of the mothership.   To go for the juice.

So far I’m drinking a lot of ice water and making off the hours and days till a keyword search from the baby shows up in Google.