Oro Valley Real Estate Blog Lives

The Oro Valley Real Estate blog is alive. It took several major surgeries on the theme to bring it to life. It still has some shortcomings of infancy to overcome, but for the most part there is a healthy new baby real estate blog in the blogosphere.

Oro Valley Real Estate Blog

I’ll share some of the birth pangs and decisions made in bringing this blog to life.

It had it’s first real post go live a few hours ago (Post started on March 28th, Life intervened) and already Jay Thompson the Phoenix Real Estate Guy made the first comment. I’m glad it was found so soon, I hope it rises in the Page Ranks quickly.

I’ll talk about:

  • The choice of hosting this blog
  • The theme choice and the tweaking to make it functional
  • Labor pains of giving blog birth

I had planned on writing about all of the above in this post, however, I’m finding the discussion on hosting with enough content for a post all it’s own.   For now I invite you to drop by the nursery and check out the little critter; Oro Valley Real Estate, remember it is just a baby.   But it is a cute little bugger, Oh there I go being the proud parent.


  1. Kim, Brisbane Real Estate Agent says

    I found this site while seraching for an article about the real estate. Good Site.


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